Living With Lions recalls album, returns FACTOR grant

B.C. punks bow to criticism over controversial album


Vancouver punk band Living With Lions is recalling their latest album, the controversially-titled Holy Sh-t, after the band was criticized for taking a government grant to record it. The band will not only pull the album off store shelves, but will also return the $13,248 grant they received from FACTOR, the government-funded Foundation To Assist Canadian Talent On Records, which came under fire from federal Heritage Minister James Moore last week. At issue is the band’s depiction of Jesus as a turd, among other creative uses of Christian imagery. A statement by the band’s label, Black Box Music, said “the album will be re-released as a non-FACTOR supported project in the coming weeks.”


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Living With Lions recalls album, returns FACTOR grant

  1. Way to go Living with Lions.  Don’t accept money from those who want to censor you, and keep FACTOR out of hot water so it can continue to support Canadian music.  You guys are a class act.  I’m not much of a punk fan, but I might just have to buy your album. 

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