Lisa Raitt’s new favourite song


After visiting Cape Breton this summer, Labour Minister Lisa Raitt fell in love the song “We Are An Island” by Kyle Mischiek and featuring Trax Cordero and Taylor Burton. She has been playing it for people on the Hill on her iPad.


Lisa Raitt’s new favourite song

  1. Why does Lisa have a pic of 12 yr old Justin Trudeau on her iPad?

  2. The article is somewhat misleading, the author of the song “We Are An Island” is a fellow named Kenzie MacNeil of Johnstown, Cape Breton. It is considered an “anthem” in Cape Breton and Nova Scotia and has been been recorded by many artists. It was written for a series of summer musical productions in Cape Breton called: “The Rise & Follies of Cape Breton” and featured many artists who went on to bigger and better things. It was and remains a showcase of the exceptional talent in an area of Canada small in size but huge in talent.

    • @Selena60:disqus This is actually a rap remake of Kenzie’s song, Kenze gave his consent and is actually a big supporter of this new production!

  3. Interestingly, the original song is mainly about the poor working conditions and outflow of people from the island. It’s fitting the labour minister for this government likes the newer dumbed-down version and probably isn’t even aware of the original.

  4. Wa?

  5. Is this part of Lisa Ratt’s image makeover? She’s really not a corporate puppet after all?

  6. Lisa `Slow-clap`Raitt looks like a red-eyed white rabbit, and she`s far too old to sport black eyeliner. Get a makeover, Raitt.

  7. Just to set the record straight!!!
    The song was originally written by the Barra MacNeils, a musical family from Cape Breton and it was a song to promote the beauty of the island and to show how proud Cape Bretoners are to be from here.
    Kyle Mischiek with his Manager purchased the rights to this song and re-wrote his own updated/hip hop version & had some help with the chorus, a verse & music (fellow Cape Breton Artists)
    Kyle is a 16 yr old Hip/Hop Artist who has only been doing this for 8mths and since then he has written 20 songs, released a CD, performed with and co-wrote with Slow Coaster, Gordie Sampson, opened for Royce DA 5’9 n Swollen Members and will be opening for Danny Fernandes & Explicit in the very near future ….Give the kid a Break and show some support for a very talented young boy from a very small town….Keep your hating comments about the politics and leave Kyle out of it……Thank You
    Kyles biggest supporter & #1 Fan …..Tammy (Kyle’s Mom)

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