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Logrolling in our time: Philosophy edition


1. Arthur Ripstein of the University of Toronto philosophy dept. has been nominated for the CPSA Macpherson prize, for his book Force and Freedom: Kant’s Legal and Political Philosophy.

I just ordered it today. His earlier book, Equality, Responsibility, and the Law, influenced me hugely. (Thanks to Jacob Levy for the pointer).

2. My friend Wayne Norman continues to devote more time than he probably ought to his blog This Sporting Life. But lucky for us he does — here’s a much more coherent look at the topic I took a stab at earlier this week, viz., the lameness of hockey analysis especially w/r/t the Crosby vs Ovechkin debate.

3. My supervisor Ronald de Sousa was on TVO recently, talking about evolution, consciousness, mores, and the meaning of life. The TVO channel has it sliced into handy bite-sized vids. I helped myself to Ronnie’s work on gossip for chapter five of The Authenticity Hoax; my favourite of these though is this one:

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Logrolling in our time: Philosophy edition

  1. Does your book on authenticity include what Christian Ladner of Stuff White People Like deems the Whitest quote of all time, by Richard Florida: "I don't want to blame the hipsters, they're searching for something authentic"?

    Protip: watch for Florida to become Liberal leader (or possibly GG!) in the near future.

    • Sadly, no. What a great quote.

  2. I found Ripstein's Kant book extremely enlightening. I suspect you'll enjoy it.

    • Very good to hear. Arthur's one smart dude.

  3. Does de Sousa talk more about language? He talks a little bit about language in clip you link to but does he talk about language and it's effects on humans/society elsewhere.

    I am reading Pinker's Stuff of Thought at moment and was just reading section about Kant and how he was awakened from "dogmatic slumber" while reading Hume. And I am trying to decide how much I agree with Wittgenstein's quote about "limits of my language mean the limits of my world".