Longtime organized-crime cop arrested in Montreal; accused of tipping off criminals


MONTREAL – A former Montreal police officer has been arrested on suspicion of selling sensitive information to biker-gang members.

Provincial police say he was a longtime organized-crime investigator who worked with a specialized police unit comprising different forces.

Benoit Roberge was arrested Saturday by police, and when he was stopped he was allegedly in the company of an individual linked to the Hells Angels crime gang.

In his lengthy career as an organized-crime investigator, Roberge testified in criminal trials against biker gangs.

A provincial police tactical squad was used to arrest Roberge and the unnamed second individual in a location south of Montreal.

Roberge was arraigned Sunday via video link.

Quebec provincial police say Roberge is expected to appear in court again this afternoon, where the charges against him will be laid out.

Provincial police Insp. Michel Forget says Roberge retired from the Montreal force in August, but an investigation had been ongoing for a few months.

Roberge is being questioned by police today.


Longtime organized-crime cop arrested in Montreal; accused of tipping off criminals

  1. If he only gave “insider” information to the gangs after retiring, I don’t see much difference in a RevCan retiree advising on tax dodges or former pols or public servants lobbying.

  2. Roberge was at one point the handler for Dany Kane – the famous double agent/informant who was instrumental in the “Operation Springtime” arrests of several high ranking Hell’s Angels and who died of a suspicious suicide in August 2000. Needless to say he has an interesting history when it regards this stuff but whether or not Roberge himself has crossed over and gone rogue will be interesting to see.

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