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Lotusland gets Arctic makeover, briefly


For a day, Vancouver looked a lot like an Olympic winter host city, after a surprise snowfall blanketed the city Saturday night, causing chaos and 44 traffic accidents on city streets.

Arctic winds rattled through the city, plunging the mercury to a “dangerously cold” -10C—within sight of Vancouver’s all-time record low: -13C, set in 1964.

For a day, Vancouverites talked of exotic products and ideas, like snow tires, anti-freeze, Sorels and “the windchill factor.”

There’s only a dusting of snow left on the city’s green lawns today, however, and residents have begun to re-emerge.

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Lotusland gets Arctic makeover, briefly

  1. I’m not necessarily happy about the traffic accidents, but I must say that the spiteful child inside of me (who usually runs the show) hopes there is plenty more snow and bad weather to come for Vancouverites. You’ve all had it too easy for too long. Bunch of warm-weather half-Canadians, I say.

  2. Hey now, it’s supposed to stay below zero for up to 10 more days.

    Feel sorry for us darnit!

  3. I thought people have dealt with the snow and ice pretty well, considering we don’t get that much here. The roads were cleared early, when I went for my walk this morning most of the sidewalks were salted (except the ones near the city parks), and traffic seemed – far away.

    Half-Canadians indeed! I oughta get out my leaf blower and annoy you with loud noises!

    10 days? The worst thing is the windows are poorly insulated in my den. I need a bailout! Actually I think the government will give us $50 a window to replace them with energy efficient ones. I think I’ll wait until Spring for that…