Louis Vuitton’s $3,650 recession-proof shoes

Victoria Beckham, Chloe Sevigny, Madonna and Heidi Klum all fans


It will likely come as no great relief that the rich and beautiful are managing to keep themselves swathed in finery despite the troubled economy. Still, anyone looking for hard evidence need only consider “Spicy,” a dizzy looking new shoe by uber-designer Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, described as “a beaded, bejewelled confection set with purple, green and orange stone.” Already, Spicy has adorned the feet of Victoria Beckham, Chloe Sevigny, Madonna and Heidi Klum. Model Alexa Chung was almost bowled over by paparazzi in Paris trying to get a clear shot of hers. One fashion editor describes the must-have shoes as “fun and jolly.” Others might call it a mortgage payment.

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Louis Vuitton’s $3,650 recession-proof shoes

  1. How sad that these vain people are so sucked in by these designer products.
    I admire Angelina Jolie – she often wears vintage dresses and at least does help with those less fortunate. But to see these spoiled celebrities throwing away money hand over fist on the latest trends that are here today, gone tomorrow – while so many thousands of people are starving & suffering from lack of healthcare is jsut wrong.
    I for one do not buy music from the likes of Madonna or Spears or these artists with egos the size of their bling, and questionable values.
    I do support those like Jann Ardenwho makes an effort to share her wealth. As far as moveis go I wait until anything I want to see is on video. The Oscars and other award shows show the true vanity & shallowness of a lot of the actors and showcases these flaws as though they should be something to admire. D’uuuh?
    Do people have so little in teir own lives that they look to these people as heros? How sad.

    • Your thoughts are well shared not only by me but surely many others who have a concious and understand the meaning of suffering. But here's the thing, it would seem like the celebrities are 'wasting' their money, have you ever concidered it the other way? If you had a choice would you waste ur money like them? of course not, the question is, do they have a choice?

      Some ppl claim that there's always a choice, but logically, if all the other peers are well dressed and up to date with fashion, surely if you want to survive, u cannot be the odd one out. Therefore, I would say that yes, it sounds wrong, but at the same time, I pity them, that they are totally suck into the rat race with no way out. Remember they are only human, and humans get more greedy with every possession they gain.

      Finally, to help the world, that's a very personal thing, that cannot before forced onto others, but when they finally have the calling to do so, it really makes a difference. At least when they want to help, they aren't making it a big show like most of the companies now a days with the bullcrap CSR programmes.

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