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Louisiana JP blocks interracial marriage

Local official denies racism, but says he worries about the children of mixed unions


Maybe Keith Bardwell, a justice of the peace in Tangipahoa Parish, was unaware President Obama was in the state the day he denied a marriage license to an interracial couple, citing concern for the pair’s children. That would be President Obama—child of a Kenyan father and a mother from Kansas. Nor could Bardwell be watching True Blood, where Louisianan characters not only have relationships with members of other races, but with vampires. Ease up, Keith. If vampires existed, you’d be glad to marry white people to black people.

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Louisiana JP blocks interracial marriage

  1. I am shocked to hear of such ignorance and cannot believe that it is even legally possible to deny any interracial couple the right to become husband and wife!? It is embarrassing to all Americans that they still have not learned enough from their past history. There are plenty of interracial couples who are happily married, and their wonderful children are a proof that noone out there needs to worry about these unions. Where in the world are we living, for crying out loud? Marital problems can arise in any relationship, regardless of race or religion. No justice of the peace should be allowed to make a decision based on his own racial beliefs. It's a shame.

  2. There has to be something more to this story. I don't want (can't?) to believe that some guy just refused to marry two people because they were different races.

  3. I searched on Fox News to get a perspective on what conservatives are saying about this interracial marriage flap.
    One article on the subject taken from the associated press…with no viewer comments allowed
    Compare that to the pages and pages of articles and thousands of comments on a Fox News search of "Obama, Nobel Prize"
    Seems like the conservatives are keeping a low profile on this one…and keeping their readers from making comments on it that might reveal their "racial opinions" on this.
    I guess Fox is hoping this blows away quickly before some of their readers start throwing their support to the justice of the Peace.

  4. it's not suprising, there are all sorts of wackos out there …i guess they can just get married somewhere else and also see what kind of legal action they can take

  5. As an anglo male married to an asian women, I really take offence at how narrow minded the media has been with this story.

    The word racist keeps getting used, along with other vile comments against this JOP, but no one seems interested in providing a balanced view on why he acted as he did, and whether he is simply right or wrong.

    For instance, he suggests that bi-racial children are disadvantaged in the US, and for this reason he declined to perform the ceremony.

    If he is correct, then this is a fair comment, right?

    Well, I don't know for sure what its like in the US, but in Australia bi-racial children are NOT disadvanted. In fact, maybe the opposite could be said.

    With my son, I am proud of his bi-racial heritage, and it seems this is a broadly held view in Australia.

    Now I disagree with this JOP, but I don't feel a need to call him ignorant, just because I disagree with him.

    I find these kind of arguments to be just as damaging as what others may be accusing this gentleman off.

    So please, get off your soap box and treat everyones opinions with some respect. If you cannot bring some reasoning to your argument, then it be best that you say nothing at all.