Lucien Bouchard reveals he was bullied as a kid, joins awareness campaign -

Lucien Bouchard reveals he was bullied as a kid, joins awareness campaign


MONTREAL – Lucien Bouchard says he was bullied as a kid and now he’s sharing his story to help denounce the phenomenon.

The former Quebec premier made the revelation in an online video released Wednesday as part of a campaign that coincides with Bullying Awareness Week.

“I’m not only speaking theoretically, I also lived it during my childhood,” Bouchard says in French during the two-minute video, during which he speaks to the camera while standing alone in front of white background.

“I know what it’s like to be bullied by someone much older and much stronger.”

He says bullying attacks personal freedom, takes away the victim’s dignity and can lead to a spiral of violence.

Bouchard says aggressors try to deal with their own personal problems by targeting others with actions that prove to be self-degrading.

“Bullying is a social problem,” says Bouchard, a prominent figure in Quebec’s independence movement and a key founder of the Bloc Quebecois.

“We must convince one and all that it’s an unacceptable way to act in society.”

Bouchard finishes his statement by holding his right palm in front of the camera and saying: “I say ‘no’ to bullying.”

The video was released on a day when the federal government was expected to introduce legislation that cracks down on cyberbullying. The Conservatives have scheduled a news conference in Ottawa as part of Bullying Awareness Week.

His video is part of an awareness campaign launched by the Jasmin-Roy foundation, a Quebec organization dedicated to the fight against bullying.

The video campaign also features anti-bullying messages delivered by notable Quebecers, including Olympic champion Alexandre Bilodeau and Montreal actor Jay Baruchel.

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Lucien Bouchard reveals he was bullied as a kid, joins awareness campaign

  1. One-legged kids have it very tough.

    • ??? I take it that is a joke.

  2. Good of him to speak out this way.

    • Good for you Emily. You have obviously changed your former stance that kids need to toughen up and quit being wimps.

      • No HI I did not.

        Bouchard toughened up….and he became successful and famous.

        I thought it was good of him to encourage others.

        • Lucien is not encouraging bullied kids to “toughen up.” He is “denouncing the phenomenon” of bullying because as Lucien says, it “attacks personal freedom and steals the victim’s dignity.” Lucien wants us to convince aggressors that it is an “unacceptable way to act in society.”
          Unlike you, Emily he wants to protect children from ever being bullied. He doesn’t want them to toughen up. He wants them to avoid the experience altogether.

          • Give it a rest HI.

  3. Good for Lucien. It is a shame he has left politics. He is a very brave and intelligent man and his province certainly could benefit from his wisdom right now.

  4. It’s not that bullying is any worse today. The impulse for cruelty is the same impulse. The only difference is that the tools to achieve that have become more sophisticated.We were about the youngest ones and the older ones would pick on us. When they would bully us, we’d double-team them. We do take bullying seriously and we investigate any incident of bullying. Are my children ever kind to each other? check your child’s protection at!/page_home.