Lumsden vs Toronto


Jesse Lumsden beat the Toronto Argonauts last night, badly. Oh yeah, and the Hamilton Ticats were there too. The guy is amazing. But he needs to work on his touchdown celebration. I’m not sure what that bunny-hop thing was after his second TD. Not cool. Check it out at around the 2:50 mark:

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Lumsden vs Toronto

  1. Did you watch the game or just the highlights?

    Lumsden is a great player and had a great game, but one of the reasons he was great last night, was that QB Casey Printers is also a threat to run, and can either draw some of heat, or score, like he did when the defence over-covered Lumsden’s fake up the middle. There was also some fine blocking by several players, some decnet passing, and comeptent runnning by Smith, all aided by the Lumsden threat, I’m sure, but a team effort, much more than one player.

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