MacKay: after Libya, ready for Syria

Canada prepared to offer assistance, even on military intervention


Speaking on CTV’s Question Period, Defence Minister Peter MacKay said on Sunday that Canada’s armed forces stand ready to offer assistance in Syria, if needed. Though the minister carefully noted that any intervention in the troubled country would come after a “cascading number of sanctions” imposed by the United Nations, he added that Canada’s armed forces headquarters have “prepared for all inevitabilities.”


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MacKay: after Libya, ready for Syria

  1. There’s an old saying: “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” You don’t see any of Syria’s neighbours– Israel, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq or Jordan– sending troops to do battle against Bashar al-Assad. 

  2. Mackay needs a cold shower to bring him back to reality.

    Leave Syria and Iran alone, and stop with the chest-beating already.

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