Mackay announces 'new calculation' for F-35, and a new launch for submarines -

Mackay announces ‘new calculation’ for F-35, and a new launch for submarines


Still trying to defuse the F-35 jet fighter controversy, after saying a $10-billion difference the Auditor General identified in the government’s price tag for the planes was an “accounting” matter, Defence Minister Peter Mackay said Tuesday “a new calculation” and more oversight would guide the revamped  purchase process for the airplanes.

Mackay took the chance to announce that the HMCS Windsor submarine will be re-launched off Halifax on Wednesday, three years behind schedule and $28 million over the $17 million budget for the submarine’s renovation. The HMCS Windsor is one of five submarines Canada bought from the Royal Navy, that have been plagued by problems, raising concerns from the Navy according to an internal Navy report cited by CTV.

Mackay said he expects all four submarines Canada has to be operating in two years.

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Mackay announces ‘new calculation’ for F-35, and a new launch for submarines

  1. Why do we need submarines, again?

    • Why do we need firefighters again?  After all, my house hasn’t caught on fire recently.

  2. At least the submarines are a continuing Liberal problem.  They’ll probably help move the focus of the media when they inevitably fail again in 2-3 weeks.  OB and “Rick” should be happy with that result.

  3. If your house does catch fire the firefighters will deal with that.

    Since you are implying that these subs are needed perhaps you would share with us just what problem can these subs can deal with when and if they ever are able to go to see without a long tether.

    • Well, in times of peace they can help our other naval vessels train to protect themselves and others against hostile submarines.  They can also provide covert observation of other vessels, such as othe navy’s ships, or smugglers.

      In times of war they can do all the things that submarines may be called on to do, from sinking hostile warships (such as the Belgrano), to patrolling against other submarines, or providing assistance to covert landing operations.  How many examples of how submarines may be used in a time of conflict would you like?  Or are you of the persuasiton that Canada should have no armed forces?

      • Canada does not need armed forces with dilapidated and outdated junk like this. We need a strong Coast Guard to patrol the Arctic and the borders and no more. When 10 billion is described as an “accounting error” by Mr. MacKay, you know the politicians are vastly overspending our tax dollars.

  4.  What a waste… Why are we buying old, useless submarines anyway? What purpose do they serve? The F35s are wasting enough of our money as is, pull the plug on these old British castaway relics.

  5. My old car hood ornament has more intelligence than Pete Mackay and is certainly prettier and has a definite usefulness.

  6. Peter should return these second-hand submarines to Britain; either build them here or buy new ones from other sources? Squandering tax-dollars?