MacKay says navy won’t be cut in half -

MacKay says navy won’t be cut in half

Defence minister denies that orders sent out by Vice-Admiral have been implemented


Following a report in the Ottawa Citizen based on a letter from Vice Admiral Dean McFadden that said funding cuts would slash navy operations in half, Defence Minister Peter MacKay is denying that the orders have become policy. “These operational decisions have not been taken,” he said, adding that, “we are going to have increased naval capability in the future as a result of the historic investments that we’re making in the Canadian navy.” However, the National Post reports that navy officers speaking off the record say the orders are already being followed. The letter, which was sent to navy staff on April 23, details a massive budget shortfall that is forcing a drastic reduction in the size of the Canadian fleet and the shuttering of the combat capabilities of many ship’s remaining in service. “The sheer percentage of the fleet that will be unavailable is staggering,” said Defence analyst Martin Shadwick. “It leaves the navy in the medium term with very limited capability.”

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MacKay says navy won’t be cut in half

  1. So now the Navy and the CPC are at odds.
    Can anyone get along with the CPC at all?

    • Oliver, why does the navy hate the troops? Don't they realise that they're endangering the troops by talking about this?

      • Your alias has never been more appropriate. :)

  2. MacKay weasels. He and Harper are not providing the funds. The Admiral's orders went out almost 3 weeks ago cause he had no budget. When they became public 3 days ago the Minister copped out. Typical. So the Minister makes the CDS swallow himself. When will this Minister resign. He has "no clue" the damage he does to the Navy and Military. The NEOCONS talk brave and pretend they like the military but they are hipicorates and are never going to fix the military/navy.

  3. Does this mean the Germasiens have Canadas largest navey again?

  4. Canadas Navy, what Navy, four subs, three in drydock, two dozen ships more like boats that could be taken out by one popcorn fart each!

  5. Harper sends our troops over seas, guts the navy, leaves the north open and wants to throw our kids in jail for having some pot. Did anyone check Harpers' birth certificate? I heard he got it from Burgess and Maclean.

  6. Harper thought, like prorogation, nobody would notice. Harper is a treasonous vampire…all that matters is getting the vote…Harper creates crisis after crisis….when was the last time the Canadian government was a hair's breath away from being held in contempt of parliament, covering up torture, prorogues parliament not once but twice, calls a snap election on the eve of the a global financial meltdown, spends 60 Billion bucks and still 1.5 million Canadians are unemployed, squanders a 13 Billion dollar surplus, cuts the GST purely for political reasons and calls himself an "economist"…smears, destroys or fires anybody that disagrees with him, doesn't believe in climate change, and expects starving 12 year old African girl raped by mercenaries to give birth to a child (if she survives the pregnancy) but Harper spoke with God and God told Harper that abortion is a bad thing. This country is in the hands of a sociopath.

  7. Harper is least concerned with votes right now. His is an ongoing fund raising government and a boatless navy is not good for fund raising. So the boats remain in the water, docked. That, in Harper's mind that constitutes a functioning navy.
    Anything that floats, literally or figuratively is functional in Harper's mind. Be it navy, economy, law and order, etc ad nauseam, as long as it doesn't interfere with fund raising or alternatively, has the ability to raise funds (e.g. Abortion).
    Harper does know how to milk the saps.

  8. Of course the Navy like the rest of the armed forces could eliminate about half the top management and not only safe a bundle but be much more efficient. They have enough money, they just don't know how to manage it.

  9. does anyone know how many ships are in the Canadian navy? 33.

  10. oh and the american fleet? 436.