Maclean’s Covers Gallery – 2009

Maclean’s covers from 2009


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Maclean’s Covers Gallery – 2009

  1. Thanks to a good site that has great ideas

  2. I love seeing all the Macleans covers. Any chance of continuing and letting us see everything from 2000-2006? Or further down the road..

  3. Dear Editors,
    I write on a matter of no import what so ever but I notice there is a Red Maple Leaf gap between The Maclean's logo leaf and the Globe and Mail logo. Theirs stands up proudly while yours .. well looks a little ..limp? I'm not sure of the significance of this and I don't know if you should do anything about it but I just want you to know that we, your readers support you.

  4. It's about maintenance Andrew. The scale to use is one of depreciation.

  5. Finally. ‘Maclean’s Magazine. The first 8 years….. We did nothing…. Or we just didn’t have magazine covers…’ -_- great job guys.