Romney vs. Obama, Round 2 -

Romney vs. Obama, Round 2

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Romney vs. Obama, Round 2

  1. For some reason i found that debate intensely depressing. Both men spent an unconscionable amount of time tearing each other down; neither seemed unduly concerned with context, were tone deaf as far as i could tell; it was clear they detest one another – maybe that explains a lot really. I know it was a debate for arguably the hottest ticket there is, politically speaking. But the utter sense of uncharitableness was truly depressing.This symbolized the divide in America, for me at least.
    Maybe that`s what happens when politics become so corrosive and polarized; maybe it`s inevitable when two truly different alpha males clash – hell i like to see a good scrap as much as the next red blooded male – but this bummed me out. But not enough to hope they both lose. Too much at stake for that now.

    • Are you sure it’s not what happens when two alpha males who are supposed to be different but are really very similar clash, and the older one knows the differences he is SUPPOSED to have are actually a death wish? In Canada I find Liberals and Conservatives have this problem, when the CPC is at their least crazy many of their policies are very very similar (I mean, they spent the last election howling over whether a 2% variation in taxes would kill every job in the country or not. TWO BLOODY PER CENT!)

      • (con’t) so you have to mischaracterize and overemphasize to come out ahead.

      • Good point about the two men detesting each other because they may be very similar, rather than so different…same goes for the CPC and the liberals. They say the smaller the real stakes the nastier the infighting.

      • Indeed
        N Americans have very little idea what left wing politics looks like. Just because someone is left of someone else doesn’t make them left, just a little less right.
        Obama is as committed to reducing freedoms as Bush was; he may not have initiated them but by not overturning them he is complicit in their application.
        The Liberals here are where the PCs used to be and the Harper Cons have just made their madness more acceptable by moving the Overton window massively in favour of bigotry and stupid.
        Yeay for progress

        • I’m old enough to vaguely remember real lefties like Michael Foot, Tony Benn and unabashed righties like Enoch Powell. Most North Americans wouldn’t know a real leftie if their life depended on it. The odd thing is the lefties of that era, mad as their policies would seem now, look like honourable men and real human beings [at least in the rear view mirror] compared to today’s manufactured politician.

          • I would even go as far as saying that the Conservatives of the pre- Thatcher/Reagan era would also be turning in their graves. My Grandad would disown the cowardly parasites who claim that mantle today and shake his head when they claim to be Conservatives.
            Conservatives then actually fought the wars they declared, today not so much. Conservatives then actually valued the rule of law, today not so much. Conservative then believed in paying for what you got, today not so much.
            Back then politicians actually believed in the positions they took, now not so much.

          • Yeah, i have to say that were it possible to ask Trudeau what he candidly thought of most modern day libs, the answer might not be printable either.

  2. Am i the only one who thought the debate format lent to the weirdness of the event?
    Two guys wandering about in search of a decent prop. [ they barely made it halfway back to their stools at times before having to regroup] Confronting each other barely a swords length a part. I’m not the only one who thought a brawl looked possible at times.But rather more like two duellists or executioners eying each other up for the rope.The fact that they could confront and circle each other just lent to the tension, maybe even an air of unreality at times? Whole thing creeped me out. Everyone else seemed to enjoy the show.