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“Maddening” Gordon Brown has “zero emotional intelligence”: Tony Blair

Former British PM tells all in autobiography


Former British prime minister Tony Blair’s autobiography had harsh words for his long-time Labour rival, Gordon Brown, who lost the U.K.’s May election after taking over as leader in 2007. “Political calculation, yes. Political feelings, no. Analytical intelligence, absolutely. Emotional intelligence, zero,” is how Blair sums up his former friend and foe. Blair explains that the men’s rivalry goes back to 1994, when Blair wanted Brown to run for the leadership with the younger Blair as deputy leader. Brown wanted to wait. Blair got tired of waiting and soon became leader himself, followed by a landslide general election in 1997. After that, he writes that Brown constantly blocked his reforms. At one point in 2004, at the height of opposition to the Iraq war, Blair admits he considered stepping down. He hung on. After that, his relationship with Brown “deteriorated sharply.” Blair says he has “no very obvious answer,” for why he never got rid the “maddening” Gordon Brown, although he does hint at it in the book. “The truth is that every time I considered who might replace him, I concluded he was still the best for the job,” writes Blair. Tony Blair’s A Journey: My Political Life goes on sale in Canada Thursday.


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“Maddening” Gordon Brown has “zero emotional intelligence”: Tony Blair

  1. This from the man who, along with wife Cherie, went through a rebirthing ritual in Mexico and who uses "magic crystals" for guidance?

  2. It would be interesting to see exactly what a candid Mr. Chretien would say about his successor Mr. Martin. I suspect that the tone might be roughly the same.

    Politicians, apparently you cannot really trust even those that appear to be your friends.


  3. "Alastair Campbell was today put in the frame as the Downing Street insider who branded Gordon Brown “psychologically flawed”.

    A series of clues in a new book pointed at Tony Blair's former spin doctor as being responsible for a phrase that enraged Mr Brown."

    Blair has form for making comments about what Brown's like psychologically.

  4. Blair is a war criminal and shares equal blame with Bush for the illegal invasion of Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of innocents killed, millions displaced, most professionals have fled the Country, the infrastructure has been destroyed and this clown thinks its still a good thing. The Country is broken and in a civil war. He needs psychological counselling for his delusions. Blair ‘deceived Parliament' on invasion of Iraq.

    • Hey Gary, the war is over, we won. The Iraq that exists today and in the future will be better off than what existed when Saddam was running it.
      The "hundreds of thousands" of innocents killed were mostly killed by Al Qaeda and Iranian agents.
      One last thing, Bush is gone you let your BDS go.

  5. Brown, according to Blair: “Political calculation, yes. Political feelings, no. Analytical intelligence, absolutely. Emotional intelligence, zero,”

    Blair according to those who saw him in action during his last few years in office: " “Political calculation: according to Bush Doctrine. Political feelings: questionable. Analytical intelligence: limited. Emotional intelligence: questionable,”

  6. Mr Blair kept Mr Brown on because he was doing exactly what Bair and other Labour mandarins wanted – spend the Thatcher heritage on stuffing government departments with leftist time servers thus turning UK into even more of a corporatist state.

  7. Mr Blair claims he had a heated argument with Mr Brown over "ruining his legacy" in the memoir. I'm sorry Tony, but you ruined your own legacy when you jumped into Iraq with both feet. Worst decision ever.

  8. I think the criticism is meant more as a comment on his lack of ability to understand the emotions of others and use that knowledge in his political understanding to generate support. In that sense I think the criticism is completely valid.

  9. Over the past 20 years I have been more impressed with Blair as a courageous leader then any other. He could have chosen to isolate the Americans in Iraq and that would have made all his leftist, anti-American followers happy. But he honestly believed that it was a matter of time before Iraq initiated a nuclear strike against Israel, and that tragic situation would have led to an all out trading of nuclear missiles in the region.
    It`s just too easy for the armchair quarterbacks to sit in their comfortable basements and criticize the actions of Blair and never thinking that the lack of action may have resulted in far more serious circumstances. I never understood the praising of Chretien for basically doing nothing.

  10. Blair was bang on! Brown and his union buddies were useless.He wa also right about old man Chretien and dithering Martin.