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“Mafia Godfather” killed in Montreal

Believed to have been shot by an assassin hiding on his property


Nicolo Rizzuto Sr., widely regarded by police to be the Godfather of Canada’s Mafia, was shot dead in his Montreal home Wednesday. It’s the latest in a string of murders over the last 15 months that have included the assassination of Rizzuto’s grandson, Nick Jr., and the man expected to become the next head of the Sicilian clan, Agostino Cuntrera. Police say the 86-year-old was looking out his window toward a wooded area in his backyard when a hidden gunman fired the fatal shot. The street where Rizzuto lived, Antoine Berthelet Ave., is often called “Mafia Row,” and is also home to Rizzuto’s son Vito, currently in a U.S. prison, and his son-in-law Paolo Renda, who is thought to have been kidnapped from the same area earlier this year. “He’s 86 years old. You figure he’s out of the situation,” one of Rizzuto’s neighbours, who asked not to be identified, told the CBC. “I don’t know why they’ve gone to the extent of going after the old fella.”

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“Mafia Godfather” killed in Montreal

  1. Mafia?…in Quebec?

    No…it can't be.

    • Don't wish on one that you don't want done to you.

  2. GOOD!!!! Just proves that if you play with fire, ya going to get burned!!
    Also proves there is a God, & that God repays his debts without money!!
    May he rest in Hell eternally!!!

    • You must really be full of hatred to wish eternal damnation on anybody. Okay, Don Rizzuto wasn't a nice guy, but if you think that people should suffer eternally in hell for what they did during a limited amount of time on earth, you have a skewed sense of justice. But don't worry, my friend: the Grim Reaper will even come for you and me. And you don't have to be a Mafia hitman to feel his cold touch.

      • OOOOOH I am so scared … you ASSume wrongly that I am your friend.
        Rizzuto and his ilk are the epitome of scum of the Earth you A**hole!!
        I don't give a rat's butt about your stupid & inane rants!!

  3. The report fails to mention how the US was somehow involved.

  4. The mafia is alive and well in the U.S and Canada. Mussolini had the mafia on the run and was shutting them down before the allies invaded. In fact the mafia was responsible for providing intelligence to the allies during the events leading to the invasion and during the invasion. After the invasion things returned to normal.

  5. The construction lobby must be sweating bullets.