Majority of Canadians see “irreconcilable” rift between Islam and the West

56 per cent feel differences impossible to overcome: poll


Results from a recent poll reveal that a majority of Canadians surveyed feel there is an ideological rift between the Muslim world and the West which is “irreconcilable.” Of the 1,500 consulted in the week before the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, 56 per cent felt the West and the Muslim world could not overcome their perceived differences. Thirty-three per cent felt they could be reconciled, while 11 per cent did not answer the question. The poll was conducted by Leger Marketing on behalf of the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies, whose director, Jack Jedwab, told Postmedia News that the survey’s results contradict “a fundamental idea in multicultural democracies like ours that conflicts between societies can be resolved through dialogue and negotiation.” However, Jedwab said the result provided a slight “ray of hope” in that 52 per cent of Canadians say it’s wrong to conduct extra airport security checks on people who “appear to be of Muslim background.”




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Majority of Canadians see “irreconcilable” rift between Islam and the West

  1. One of the questions should have been;  Do you personally know a Muslim?  If no, survey complete.

    People make blind, ignorant, and blanketing judgements all the time.  Its how things like racism propagates.

    • You are so right Darryl.  For goodness sakes, the mayor of Calgary is Muslim!  What I think these people are thinking of are the 3% of the so-called “Muslim world” who are “radical” and hate the west.  Surely, they are not talking about the mayor of Calgary and all moderate members of the faith who just want to live and let live.  After all, where to they think these moderate people like the mayor’s family immigrated from?

      • Keep in mind Calgary is full of economic refugees from Ontario.

        The political refugees do not live in Calgary.

      • “What I think these people are thinking of are the 3% of the so-called “Muslim world” who are “radical” and hate the west.”

        Whom the Muslim community does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT…..WORLDWIDE. Hence the IRRECONCILABLE differences.

        This JUST in: You can’t REASON with someone who believes in MYSTICISM.

        • Excuse me, James510, but that is like admoishing the whole Christian faith for not “dealing with” or “stoppiing” Christian terrorists like Timothy McVeigh.  Exactly how do you stop people who are crazy and bent on using their religious/political paranoid views to fuel their crazy ideas about the need to kill other people.  How is it in anyway fair to hold a whole faith responsible for the activities of 3% of their followers?

          • This comment was deleted.

          • McVeigh was raised Roman Catholic (just like me).  While he fell away from the faith, he apparently received the ‘annoitment of the sick” prior to his execution (a Catholic rite).  Now, as you may or may not be aware, Roman Catholics believe in the existence of Christ and therefore are “Christians.”

          • Have fun fighting mysticism with mysticism. That’s never led to billions of people unnecessarily being killed….never! Nor has it ever led to utter enslavement of entire populaces! NEVER!!!!

          • Did you miss the part where I said MYSTICISM? That includes ALL religions, derp.

            And sorry, the number/% of Christian terrorists PAAAAAAAAAAALES in comparison to those of Islam.

            Your equivocation of a SEVENTH CENTURY primitive cult to a reformed modern cult holds no water. Sorry.

          • Fair enough – you are treating ALL religions the same. 

            As for comparing Christian terrorists to Muslim terrorists – are you counting acts of terror by the IRA in that number?

          • healthcareinsider….yes…hence the word ALL. the IRA doesn’t have 1 million+ members ready to blow themselves up at whim. WOW.

            that said, your equivocation between Islam and Islamic terrorism and Christianity/Catholicism and their terrorism is a joke. Christianity reformed, and is not stuck in the 7th/8th century. They don’t put their women in pillow cases, tell them they can’t drive or go to universities, beat them, beat them for getting raped, or commit honor killings….all of which happens within different Islamic societies.

            And the IRA doesn’t strap bombs to women and children and send them into places full of innocent people. And those in the IRA that DO commit terrorism get condemned by the entire religion. Where is that in Islam? Where? You expect to hear the Ayatollah or King of SA condemn acts of Jihad? Get real.

            Such an equivocation is bunk.

            And I’m an atheist (with more than half of my extended fam being Muslim) btw.

          • You obviously aren’t a Catholic if you don’t know who stuck they are in ‘dark ages”.  They don’t believe in birth control for goodness sakes.  They still preach creationism.  The priests (who are all males) are not allowed to get married and are expected to remain celebate.  Except for eating meat on Friday; conducting mass in English instead of Latin and less violent rendering of the bible, that Church has not reformed one iota.  What has happened is that Catholics in the western countries don’t follow all the doctrines of the church but you take a look at Catholics in poor countries.  They are following the doctorines and nothing has changed.  Now, don’t let me get started on the Mormans and the Seven Day Adventists and some of the other more strict Christian faiths.  You may not be aware, but there are Christian faiths that don’t allow “their women” to cut their hair, wear pants in public, dance, watch TV or attend movies and I am not even talking about the Hutterites, etc. that live on communes in western Canada. 
            As for the IRA, only recently has their leadership shown any tendency to look down upon their acts of violence and try to curb them.
            No, they don’t have a million people BUT they defintely had a big impact on Northern Ireland and that war went on for how long?

          • healthcareinsider….so you’re equating all of that to strapping bombs to women and children in the name of god?

            and I don’t need the history lesson, especially about the dark ages (did you miss where I said they reformed? they may still be idiots who follow mysticism, but they don’t go around murdering in the name of god to spread their religion, period. prove me wrong if you believe I am) I happen to know quite more about religion than most religious people I know, going all the way back to Zoroastrianism…which Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all come from.

            again, you are comparing (and thus fallaciously equivocating) apples to oranges.

          • The bombs that the IRA used blew up women & children.  .
            As for my “history lesson”, its purpose was to impress upon you that despite your claims of reform, females are still being oppressed by almost every religion.  Muslim women in western countries and even Kuwait wear fashionable clothes just like we do and are free to drive cars.  This idea that all people who worship Islam are the same is incorrect.

          • healthcareinsider, three things, first, duh! about women being oppressed by MYSTICISM. secondly, duh! about some Islamic women being able to live with relative freedom. I am half Persian and most of my extended family is Muslim, so save me the lecture. Moreover, people who lump entire groups of people together in order to denigrate them (which is exactly what I DIDN’T do if you bothered to read carefully…no need for another straw man) are anticonceptual ignoramuses. I’m the last person that needs to hear that not all _____ are the same. I have that painful argument every day with collectivists, Kantians, and anticonceptual ignoramuses. Finally, there is a VAST, VAST difference in so many ways between bombing a place where women and children are, and then get killed, and BRAINWASHING women and children to blow themselves up IN THE NAME OF GOD. It’s remarkable that you’d even attempt to equate the two. Also equating the oppression that women face in MOST (Not ALL, got it???????) Islamic COUNTRIES to ANY other religion’s oppression of women is unfair to those other religions, despite that oppression being reprehensible. The numbers PALE, absolutely PALE in comparison. Give me a friggin break. Yeaa there are juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust as many Christian women being ABSOLUTELY DOMINATED BY MEN AND MALE CULTURE as with Islam (pssst…that was sarcasm). And in MOST western nations, at least there are outlets, routes of escape, however you want to word it-ways for those oppressed women to flee such oppression. We are compassionate and help such persons. WE DON’T MURDER THEM FOR WANTING TO LEAVE THE RELIGION. And by WE, I mean us non-religious people. Try converting from Islam to Christianity in Saudi Arabia, Syria, or Jordan, and see what happens. See how much support you get (here’s a clue: none). You’ll literally be hunted down either by your family members, who will then either beat you or kill you for ‘honor’s sake’, or regular citizens will attack and possibly kill you for being an infidel and detractor. My point has been that comparing this SEVENTH CENTURY MENTALITY to other religions, EVEN ONES THAT HAVE CRAZY LOONIES WHO OPPRESS THEIR WOMEN, is insulting. And again, I’m an Atheist. I mean no S there are peaceful Muslims, seriously, NO S. How many million times do we have to regurgitate that line? Plenty of peaceful Muslims, YET THE PROBLEM IS STILL WILDLY RAMPANT. You act as if it’s JUST as much (that means NUMBERS) a problem as Christian or Catholic or any other religion’s acts of terrorism. Do you REALLY want me to pull up statistics on all the acts of terrorism in the past 10 years? Now guess what 99% of those terrorists’ on that list’s religion is?

            I don’t recall any Christian NATIONS filled with persons who will fervently commit murder against detractors.

            But if it makes you feel better, I will for the tenth time condemn terrorism by all religious AND non-religious persons. K? Or are you going to come back at me about another point that I never made?

          • responded below to u in my own comment, it wouldn’t let me respond directly to u.

          • responded to you again below…dunno why disqus doesn’t let you reply to replies….

          • replied to you again….this is getting tedious and ridiculous.

          • Strange how I get to reply to you and you don’t get to reply to me….
            James510 – I am not blind to the conditions in the countries that are ruled by Sharia law.  I know things are horrid for women and knowing that, I would hope Canada would allow many Muslim women to immigrate here because there won’t be any Sharia law here.  You may find it hard to believe, but I have worked with some Muslim women who have come here and their lives have evolved for the better.  No, they did not abandon their faith but they certainly became more free and there husbands learned if you beat your wife in Canada, the police come and take you away.  I don’t believe the Quaran encourages any of the abuses and oppressions of women that you are describing.   Nor does it promote violence.  I took a course at University about Islam and learned it was a peaceful faith and that the Quaran has been misinterpreted to allow the suppresion of women.
            You might think my comments about the IRA are ridiculous but the point is that no one ever questioned allowing Catholics to immigrate into the country, despite the terrorist activities of the IRA, yet they are willing to paint an entire religion, Islam, based on the terrorist activities of a small percentage.  Could it be the difference in the color of the people in question’s skin or the fact that they don’t dress the way they like?  I say it is bigotry.

          • healthcareinsider, you just rebutted AN ENTIRE LIST OF POINTS I NEVER MADE. Straw man much?

            yea, the guy whose extended family is Muslim is a bigot against Muslims…real smooth.

          • James, I never called you a bigot and I agreed with  your assertion that the conditions in the countries with Sharia Law are “horrid” for women and frankly, they are not very good for men either.  I am not sure exactly what more you want?
            What I did say, is that Canada should “rescue” as many women from those countries as possible and give them a better life here and quit worrying that everyone is a terrorist when the truth is that a very small percent of the people from those countries have any interest in strapping on a bomb.
            What I did say is that many people on this website (not you) are using the argument that Muslims want to take over the world, to try to stop Canada from allowing people who are of that faith from immigrating into Canada.  Perhaps you should re-read my comment.

          • replied again.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Gee Jane, you are 2 years late to the party however Mr. Nenshi is more popular than ever here in Calgary. I don’t care if MY city is a “white city” or not. We LOVE our Muslim mayor. Compared to Quebec, Alberta is completely progressive…imagine that!

    • Nice how they group the political and religious views of 1.5 plus billion people on several continents who speak many different languages into a single word.

      Really, people, if the “average” Muslim wanted to dominate, exterminate, convert, etc. us, it would already have happened.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • That’s absurd.

          • open your eyes

          • Get a grip on yourself. Muslims are less than 2% of our population….and are as divided as Christians.

            And they haven’t the slightest interest in you.

          • No it is not!  Look around the world almost every conflict has Muslims involved.  Read the Qur’an.

          • For the last 2000 years every conflict in the world has had christians involved…so?

          • Emily, you’re right…in a way. Christians came to the aid of Iraq when muslims were fighting each other, and then again we came to the aid of Kuwait when muslims were fighting each other.

            But you’re wrong in many other ways. Thre have been many, many wars throughout the world that involved muslims but not Christians.

            The fact is, Tribal, Religious, ethnic, political
            and cultural divisions within the Muslim  world stimulate violence between Muslims. They also promote violence between  Muslims and non-Muslims because different Muslim groups and governments, such  as those of
            Saudi Arabia and Iran, compete with each other in promoting their own brand of Islam and have supported Muslim groups fighting non-Muslims from  Bosnia to the Philippines. If one or two states dominated the Muslim world,  which has not been the case since the end of the Ottoman Empire, less violence  would occur among Muslims and, probably between Muslims and non-Muslims.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Christians continue to do all that today….Timothy McVeigh, shooting doctors…all those things.

            No, Islam doesn’t say it wants to take over the world, but Christians have been trying to do so for 2000 years

            Muslims had a Golden Age long time ago….in fact they helped Christians get out of the Dark Ages. We thanked them by launching a crusade.

            I suggest you stop listening to rightwing nutcases, and their version of the Koran…because its not accurate.

            You are scaring yourself for no reason. Get a grip.

          • Watch the documentary Obsession for one thing. Muslims from their own mouth say they want to take over the world. I do not hear that from Christians. You’re very deluded Emily.

            The Crusades were in response to hundreds of years of muslim expansion and killing. They killed more Indians (India) than Hitler killed Jews. Muslims think of India as unfinished business.

          • OriginalEmily1 please read “The Rage of Islam – An account of the massacre of Christians in Persia” You can find this story as a pdf online. Happened the beginning of last century I have relatives that survived this period.

          • Really Emily? McVeigh is ALL you have?

            And I’m not a Christian. But you’re using an equivocation to make a straw man argument. I have visceral reactions to such logical fallacies. Sorry to burst your bubble.

          • You should work for Fox News.

          • If you have nothing intelligent to say about my arguments then you should keep your cuts to yourself. Sorry to say but you sound childish.

          • it took you 2 years to respond…

          • Haha, yes I missed the Disqus email and I am very busy taking care of my family – working 2 jobs. Anyway, sorry I said you sound childish. I should not have said that. I am sure you just disagree with my posts and that is your right. I hope you have a good life and you are happy. Take care

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Hitler was not even close to what a practicing Christian is. You sound so angry Emily. You should get some help for your hate and anger. Also, McVeigh was a marijuana smoking atheist – far from what most people think.

          • No, it’s not.  Open your eyes and ears.

          • And you’re absurd.

        • Yes SteveDobbs, Islam is the fastest growing religion.  At this rate, we will have one of binladden’s 50 brothers for our prime minister within the next 10 years or so.  It must just eat you up that you aren’t running the countries immigration department so that you can deport all Muslims.  Gee, I have an idea!  Why don’t you emmigrate out of Canada.  I am sure there is some Fox News loving small town that would embrace you and your cause.  You should apply for American citizenship quickly though.  Do you have any useful skills that they would want?

          • Why should he emigrate?

          • Tim, I am just trying to HELP SteveDobbs get out of Canada BEFORE the Muslims take it over and we all start speaking Arabic.  From his comment, that his what he is certain has already begun to happen and surely he does not want to stay here with those…..wait what did he call them…;hmm…oh yes….”barbarians”……Oh no!  He needs to see about emmigrating NOW – as in RIGHT NOW!  Who knows, if he waits too long….the “barbarians” that are taking over the country (and apparently are starting in “red neck” Alberta – cause our mayor in Calgary is one – might just not let him leave.

          • Why do all the daft tools always use the “Fox news” stereotype? They have nothing intelligent to say or contribute, except attack someone and tell them to stop watching Fox news. It’s getting old people. Time to grow up.
            (and for your record, I don’t watch Fox, I’m not trying to protect them, I am just sick of always seeing people play that stupid card)

          • Daft tool that I am, I actually watch Fox New…Bill O’Reilly, etc. occasionally, just for the sheer entertainment value.  I especially enjoy it when Ann Coulter is featured.  If you are not watching it, you can’t really comment on what you are missing and for the record, make no mistake MSNBC and FOX news are not exactly “news” channels but rather opinion-news channels – one left; the other right.  Believe me, people who are in the far left political spectrum and in the far right political spectrum do watch them…faithfully.  You are naive if you think otherwise.  How do you think people like Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck became best selling authors?  Now, what I do not believe is that Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck believe a fraction of the crap that they spew.  I think they do it for the money but they definitely have an audience that eats it up.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I actually took a university course and studied the history of Islam and learned the diffierence between Sunni and Shia Muslims.  I also learned what is in the Quaran.  I am approaching this from a basis of fact rather than fear based on goodness knows what?  I have also in my job, worked with immigrants who are Muslim so I find your suggestions that I “educate myself”, patently ridiculous. 
            Now you suggest because we haven’t actually seen any “aggressive” behavior thus far from the Muslim community that they are bidding their time and waiting to take over.  You sound exactly like the people who suggest that our prime minister, Mr. Harper is bidding his time until he shows his true colors and subjects us on to his brand of ultra-right conservative oppression.
            No one can contradict you because you are predicting the future.  It must truely be fantastic to have that mystical skill.
            From your comment thread, it appears you do not live in Canada.  Therefore, you can hardly comment on what has happened here with previous immigrants or what we can expect in the future.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • In your lifetime you have no worries, but what about your grandchildren’s lifetime, if you have any? When you capitalize you are yelling. There is no need to yell at me. This site is for discussion. Take it easy Jane, I mean Canada no harm or put down, but so many need to be informed. I like Canada very much and in fact I am visiting Vancouver in 2 weeks as I have relatives there.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • This comment was deleted.

    • Why’s that?

      Are you saying that is is not possible to know something or someone by reading about them? If so, how do we know anything about history? I didn’t personally know Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Shakespeare, Julius Caeser, Rome,  etc. Can I say then that anything I read about them doesn’t each me.

      If I know that Muslims account for more terrorist acts than the rest of the world’s religions combined – except perhaps Atheists (who have given us the most violent worldview the world has ever seen) – is that not knowledge?

      • Sorry…the Christian death toll is in the millions. Hitler was a Catholic you know….so was Stalin. Seminary student in fact.

        Atheists haven’t killed anybody. In fact atheists don’t even know who other atheists are, so it’s kinda hard to organize. LOL

        • Hitler was not a Catholic. Don’t be absurd. Hitler openly attacked Christianity. If anything he used Christianity – as he used all things to his convenience – to manipulate in order to get what he wanted.

          Atheists include Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot. Do the math, buddy.

          But anyway to say that Hitler was Christian is to claim that Christianity is an ethnicity or a tribe – i.e. that anything that Christian members do is somehow “Christian”. That’s falacious. The rules of Christianity are things like “turn the other cheek”. When Christian generals go to war, they know they are doing so essentially in violation of the teachings of Christianity.

          When Atheist generals go to war, who cares? They can do what they want. And guys like Pol Pot did that very thing.

          • I dunno where you guys get these crackpot ideas, but Hitler was most definitely a catholic. Obviously you’ve never read Mein Kampf

            Or seen these photos


            Stalin was in fact a seminary student…on his way to becoming a priest.  He attacked the Russian Orthodox Church as leader because they supported the Czars. He later used them to build patriotism.

            Mao was raised as a Buddhist. Pol Pot was a Theravada Buddhist.

            I suggest you do some research before spouting off.

          • Emily – as an atheist myself, the above assertion is offensive.  Stalin was an atheist, as we are, and also not as we are.  Hitler was an atheist. Pol Pot was an atheist. They might well have started out religious, but that was not their position in the end. There is no traction to be gained in denial; rather it is this precept that should guide all right-minded atheists, Communists and Socialists in the development of the dialectic.  There is blood on the hands of our politics.  It does no good to try to shift the blame.

          • @GeoffP1974:disqus 

            Well you can be offended all you want, but none of those people were atheists.

            They were all, in fact, religious…even devout.

            So you can dump the hokum right now, and go back to church.

          • Yes, Stalin was a religious person – why then did they proclaim that “Religion is the opium of peoples”?

          • @dani02

            Karl Marx said that

            It’s like Voltaire’s “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

          • You really have very little idea of anything you’re talking about.  Go educate yourself and by that, I mean stop watching FOX news.

          • Why do all the daft tools always use the “Fox news” stereotype? They have nothing intelligent to say or contribute, except attack someone and tell them to stop watching Fox news. It’s getting old people. Time to grow up.
            (and for your record, I don’t watch Fox, just sick of people always playing that stupid card)

          • @jawman:disqus : the reason we have to resort to using FOX news as the scapegoat is because the simple-minded folks who watch FOX news in the first place and buy into the utter garbage that they sell won’t understand anything else. 

          • Excuse me, Tim but Hitler did not attack “Christianity”.   You are into reading.  Read about the role our last pope – John Paul II – played in Poland in World War II.  He was a parish priest and he saved many Jews by pretending they were Christian.

        • Christian death toll in the millions? Since Tim was talking terrorist acts, not acts of war, please explain where you get your numbers.

          Both your and Tim’s assertions re athiests are rather extreme and unprovable, but I will add this: most megalomaniacal sociopaths who end up leading people into battle for a “cause” have only their own interests at heart and use whatever tools as are available – including the faith of their followers – to achieve their ends. By their very actions, they deny the religions they claim to espouse. So if I had to categorize them by religious affiliation, I’d have to go with “undeclared athiest” – unless self-worship nullifies the athiest bit.

          • Since you are unaware of what atheism means, you have confused yourself.

          • a·the·ism (th-zm) n. 1. Disbelief in or denial of the existence of God or gods.2. The doctrine that there is no God or gods.

            Most of the people who lead their “compatriots” to war may espouse a faith in order to keep others in line, but they hold no such beliefs themselves. A few believe themselves to be a god, and an even smaller few actually believe they are acting out God’s will, but the majority are, in their true being, athiests – despite their public face. Just like a lot of politicians bandy God’s name about and go to church; they don’t believe, but they know an outward show of piousness gets them votes.

            That’s this cynic’s view.

            So yeah, there aren’t any groups of organized athiests going to war against the tyrrany of God, but your claim “Athiests haven’t kiled anybody” is at best wild exaggeration.

            And I notice you conveniently ignored my request for substantiation of “millions” dying from Christion terrorism…

          • @KeithBram:disqus 

            You have just confused yourself further.  LOL

            There is no ‘denial’ or ‘doctrine’ involved. It is simply a lack of belief in any deity.

            Same way you don’t believe in Thor or Zeus or Osirus.

            However devout religious people have and do lead people to war. I know you want to palm these people off on us as not being ‘real’ christians….but they remain yours I’m afraid.

            No atheist has ever killed anyone in the name of atheism, but lots of devout believers have killed others in the name of Jesus, or Allah or Jehovah.

            I didn’t ‘conveniently’ do anything.  Lists of religious wars are all over the web. Not to mention things like crusading, inquisitions, stake burnings and witch hunts.

            I assumed at your age you’d have some passing knowledge of them at least.

            I know you like to argue, but this really isn’t the place to discuss atheism vs religion.

          •  @OriginalEmily1: The definition is from a dictionary. I know how much you hate those things, as their definitions invariably fail to agree with the ones you make up.

            You’re right that people don’t kill in the name of athiesm; it makes a poor rallying cry. But that’s different from your original assertion that athiests don’t kill – which is what I was refuting.

            For some odd reason, you seem to think athiests are all morally pure and theists (esp Christians) are evil degenerates responsible for all the world’s evils. All I’m saying is, ain’t none of us pure.

          • @KeithBram:disqus 

            LOL now you’re just being silly.

            Here’s some more definitions.  Go nutz.


            And misquoting me isn’t an argument either.

            If that’s what you were supposedly refuting….you were refuting yourself, not me, since I said nothing of the sort.

            Now then….off you go.

          • And I quote: “Atheists haven’t killed anybody.” Your exact words. Scroll up and check.

          • @KeithBram:disqus 

            Nope, cuz atheists aren’t a group, a race, a nationality or a country.

            Now stop being silly, and find another hobby. You’re not good at this one.

      • Tim, reading is a great thing.  I did some reading myself.  Do you know that white males almost exclusively account for more serial killings than the rest of the world’s ethnic groups combined?  Is that not knowledge?  Should we now denounce all white males as serial killers?
        No.  Well, If you did the reading, Tim you would know that only a very small percent of those who belong to the religion of Islam are what we refer to as radical and believe in any sort of terrorist activity.  Sadly, based on these 3% of the followers, everyone who follows this religion is given a bad name.  

    • I do know muslims. But knowing a muslim is a moot point, I see their actions and words every day. I’ve looked at their scripture and history and culture. This is a nasty religion. It’s political and intolerant of other world views. One doesn’t need to know a muslim to see the fruits of a twisted theocratic system. I don’t need to shoot herion to know it’s a bad thing, the same with islam.

      • PS – Being a muslim is not a function of race or ‘racism’. It’s a function of the world view and religion one chooses to be part of.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • Exactly – there are “bad muslims” – people like we are, and the “good muslims” who would not hesitate to cut our throats.Unfortunately, far too many of the `good ones`.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • What are you – Free Republic outreach?

  2. I don’t believe that this issue is about your personal relationship with Muslims, although the “racism” is clearly there. It comes down to the fundamental issue of Muslim nations still being run by a secular elite, where Western nations are supposed to be non-secular. Until Muslim governments can forgo their blind, ignorant and uncompromizable policies, and enforce human rights as mercilessly as they enforce their holy law, there will be no resolution.

    • It is not racism, but rather rational thinking behind the majority view. Those who think otherwise are practicing Pollyanna thinking. While the Muslim community as a whole may someday adapt and grow to adopt western values  of their own, the timeline for this to happen effectively makes this an unlikelihood as far as things go today. Culturally the Muslim community is still living in the dark ages; while some individuals may come over here to seek our enlightened approach, the vast majority do not and this can be readily observed by those who come and adapt (very few) versus those who just transplant their culture with them. The western culture that exists today did not evolve out of the Judeo-Christian world of the ancient times over-night; and while cultures interact and can influence each other, the belief systems of individuals are deeply ingrained culturally and took centuries to evolve. If we allow the barbarians in, they will either absorb us, or we will adapt to include their regressive thinking – for an example of this negative influence just look at the Toronto District School Board.

      • Are you for real?  Who the hell are you to say that the “Western” culture is the only correct one to be used in the world?  Barbarians in?  People like you are the cancer of this world;  THAT is what needs to change.

      • Yes, there are quite a few differences between Islamic and Western nations – separation of church and state being a big one. But we need to be able to differentiate between nations, cultures and religions – while often intertwined, they are different entities.

        As to our being more enlightened, well, that depends: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkBmhM0R2A0
        – the clip is like watching a train wreck – you want to look away, but you just can’t keep from watching. That they would even pose it as a serious question speaks volumes about our southern neighbours – and about a lot of the more fundamentalist branches of Christianity.

        It doesn’t matter what one’s faith is – each major religion has its fundamentalist crackpots that make the rest look bad.

        (If you want some fun, though, there are a number of parodies of the above clip see e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGqx-IXckK4&feature=related and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QBv2CFTSWU&feature=related )

    • Like many, I believe, you do not know what the word ‘secular’ or ‘secularism’ mean. Please do yourself and others a favour and look it up.
       Hint: It’s the opposite of religious orthodoxy. Now do you mean sectarian?
      A secular gov’t is the separation of church and state. Kind of like the west has.

    • It’s not a matter of ‘racism’. Being muslim is not a function of race, it’s a function of religion and world view. You’re absolutely correct in that it is up to muslims to prove themselves. If they can. But this isn’t likely given koranic scripture and the teaching of the hadith.

      • You are so right.  The correct term is bigotry.

  3. how do we define all these terms – “ideological,” “rift,” and “reconcilable” or “irreconcilable”? is it fair to even ask the questions asked – do we ask that about Canadian society and Hindu or Jewish beliefs, or do we accept that yes, there are ideological or just plain old differences (not a “rift” per se, just a healthy difference) and they actually don’t need to be reconciled. because if they were perfectly reconciled, then the difference would not even exist anymore, and we’d all be the same in our thoughts and beliefs.
    we need only to know that we can live together in peace and harmony. so far, looking at the history of muslims living in Canada, things seem pretty fine and appear to prove that we can.

    • You need to drink less koolaide and educate yourself more. 

      • And you need to stop being such a goddamn douchebag who really doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

      • So where are all the horrible Muslims, Steve?  And please be sure you explain how they differ from the Christians that bombed gay bookstores and abortion clinics 20 years ago and shot doctors who performed abortions.  Please explain how “bad muslims” differ from he Christians who locked Aboriginal kids in residential school and molested them.  Please explain how “bad Muslims” are different from “enlightened” Westerners who’ve killed 100 times as many innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan as were killed on 9/11.  This should be an intriguing explanation.

    • Canada does not have separation of Church and State, officially. We tolerate different religious views, but we use the term God quite frequently in our leading documents. Our Head of State (the Queen) is also Head of the Church of England. The tolerance we have comes from the traditionally catholic notion that anyone is welcome – there is no “us” or “them”. That’s a Christian idea that lingers in the post-Christian world.

  4. They never said who was being interviewed.

    The assumption here is that only non-Muslim, or even just white, Canadians were asked.

    How many of the persons who said that Islam and the West have diametrically opposed values that cannot be reconciled without either destroying Islam as Muslims understand it, or eroding the West’s freedoms, were Muslims themselves?

    • Now that would be an interesting statistic!

  5. also, i question the timing of this survey. without a doubt people will be thinking of Sept. 11 and it is frankly unfair to tie the question of Muslims in Canada to that event which Canadian Muslims had no part in, and should not be associated with.

    • Pollyanna1996.

      • That’s ripe coming from a person who would prefer to live under Stalin.

        • LOL – that avatar does not represent my political stance.

          I am a libertarian who generally votes conservative.

          • How could a libertarian vote for Harper?

      • DonkeyDobbs2011

        • Johnny, are you Sarah’s sock puppet? 

  6. @Sophan Cheav secular means non-religious. and actually you are right. the vast majority of muslim governments are secular and do not enforce “holy law.” as for those that claim to do so, they are not the ultimate arbiters of what is holy – although they like to claim that. ask most muslms and they distinguish between the claim of applyling “Islamic law” made by those governments like the taliban regime in the past, and the saudi regime, and the actual reality of Islamic law as it was practiced by the Prophet peace be upon him, which was about mercy and justice. By the way, laws like the famous cutting of the hand and stoning were preventive, and were not applied for hundreds of years, and have many legal conditions that are practically impossible to meet in order for them to be applied. of course, this is not the case today where ignorant governments impose the law willy-nilly and piecemeal.

  7. This comment was deleted.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • Would you say the same about Chinese culture?  Indian culture?  Absolutely ridiculous that you think the “Western society” is the only, correct one and everything else is barbaric, conveniently ignoring the fact that that modern “western” society is rife full of issues and problems, including people like you.  Let’s remove people like you from the gene pool and do the world a HUGE favor.  In fact, please go jump into a fire as soon as possible, it would greatly help us all out!

        • No he wouldn’t say that about Chinese or Indian culture because Chinese and Indian culture don’t act like Muslim culture. There isn’t the equivalent of Jihad (deliberate Holy War to subjugate the world) in, for example, Hinduism.

          • You are falling victim to the fallacy of automatically equating a jihad with a holy war meant to subjugate the world.


            There are some who interpret it as a military movement, but there are millions upon millions of moderate Muslims who do not view it as such.

            Additionally, it’s RIDICULOUS to say “act like Muslim culture” when there’s millions of Muslims who come from absolutely different backgrounds, nations and ideologies.

          • @dannycalli: Yeah, because that totally refutes what I said about Jihad.Every religion has issues and problems.  You think Islam is the only one?  Wake the f*** up mate.

      •  So let me get this straight, you think that Muslim, 1/4 of humanity, represents a Barbarian horde that is set to overrun civilization (us). 

        The banks, economies, currency and trade is mostly controlled by the western world. 

        100% of the biggest commodity of the Muslim world (oil) is bought and sold in a western currency.

        90% of the Muslim world has already been “overrun” or colonize in their recent history.

        The language of education and business in most of the Muslim world today, is English or French.

        There are over 70 western millitary bases in the muslim world.  There are 0 muslim millitary bases in the western world.

        The Gulf countries are allies of the USA, Turkey is a part of NATO, Pakistan has allowed unlimited  millitary passage rights to the USA to fight the war in Afghanistan, Indonesia and Malayia are American allies and so is Egypt.  Those are the most influential muslim countries in the world (save Iran) and they all have good governmental relations with the Americans.

        No muslim country has invaded a western country since WW1.  There have been multiple wars against muslim countries, assassinations of heads of state, and support and insertion of the worst dictators by western countries.

        Those are the facts.  The fact that a bunch of muslims come here, work low paying jobs, raise big families and send their kids to school, does NOT constitute a barbarian horde style invasion.  If anything, the facts dictate that we in the western world have had a far more aggressive stance and a greater cultural influence on the muslim world then the other way around.

        • Finally, a rational, intelligent person (no sarcasm intended at all).

          • You will find that bigots are rarely rational although they are constantly rationalizing their bigotry.

    • “The God of the Muslims, the Christians (Protestants and Catholics) and the Jews is the same one God.”

      Liar.  The God of Protestants and Catholics is not the same God … let alone the rest.

      • All the same God, just different perspectives. Do your parents, partner, friends and coworkers all have a uniform understanding of you?

  8. This report only see’s one ‘ray of hope’, in its findings?  If the majority of respondents see an ideological rift between the Muslim world and the West, that in-and-of-itself is a ‘ray of hope’.

    Why?  Because it suggests that Canadian’s are not ideologically naive, and have some ‘reasonable’ limit towards how much effort should be required to bridge ideological differences.  To fail to set some  reasonable limit to achieve compromise is unrealistic.

    • Agreed – in fact this was the only ray of hope in the article; what was spun as a ray of hope by the poll author appeared more to me as a portent of doom. 

      • Steve is one of the only rational people here.

  9. One of the questions should have been;  Did you vote for Harper out of fear?  If yes, complete survey.People make blind, ignorant, and blanketing judgements all the time.  Its how things like racism propagates.

    • The left love to pull out this race card to shut down discussion – it shows your weak critical thinking skills, closed mind, and inability to communicate.

      • What’s the point in communicating intelligently with you?  People like Sajbrown have already posted thoughtful, intelligent responses to your remarks, but you don’t engage with them because you obviously have no intelligent response.  You just take sarcastic snipes at people who make random comments.  If you demonstrate some criical thinking skills perhaps others will indulge you by doing the same. 

    • Okay, I voted for Harper.  Let’s not generalize and say that everyone who votes for Harper is a bigot because that is as ridiculous and frankly, bigoted as the claims being made some of the people on this website.  I am beginning to think that Macleans should disable this article…it is no different than years ago when Oprah had the Arian Nations people on her TV show with the misguided belief that they deserved to be heard.  All we are hearing here is bigotry, plain and simple.  There are no real facts to back anything up.  People are making predictions and blanket statements, based soley on hatred.  I thought Canada had hate-speech laws.  I am all for freedom of speech but this ridiculous!

  10. I suspect the questions in this survey were not very fair, as it says “Islam versus the West”.

    I’d understand “Islam versus Christians”, or “East versus West”, but “Islam versus the West” doesn’t make sense to me.  Muslims have no problem with “The West” as many live there.  

    Framing surveys and news articles this way fuels ignorance, and confuses people about what is important when it comes to terrorism – motive.  The motive has more to do with Western bases on Eastern soil, and Western companies taking Eastern resources.

    • Welcome to Macleans, AKA Sun News Magazine

    • The motive is that we haven’t subjugated yet. It has nothing to do with the west’s actions. Islamists have beaten up just as much on, say, Hindus as they have the west. How can you look at a religion that attacks all other worldviews and come to the conclusion that the problem lies in all those other worldviews?

      • It’s not as black and white as either of you are portraying it.  Stop being absurd.  If you think that the “West’s” (what a ridiculous label in the first place) actions have nothing to do with the current problems, you’re incredibly delusional.  Take some of your own advice and educate yourself more.

      • Tim, you might want a take a course on “western religions” – Judiasm, Christianity & Islam.  It is fascinating and informative.  You are providing information about Islam that is mostly false in terms of the Quaran and what the religion stands for.  It is actually a religion of peace and Jihad is not to force others to become part of the religion but rather to protect the rights of the followers of Islam when someone is threatening their right to worship.
        We have only to look at Northern Ireland to realize that religious differences cause war and that people misinterpret their books of worship so that they have “reasons” to go to war.
        I know this information doesn’t jive with your adgenda to present Muslims as terrorists but remember, there are white Canadians who are Muslim.  Yes, as you said about Christianity earlier,  Islam is not a culture nor an ethnicity, it is a religion and not all the members are brown people.  More and more white people are starting to following that religion.

    • It is in fact islam vs the west, or more acuretly, islam vs the rest of the world. It always has been, going right back to the 7th century. islam has an extremely violent history. Did you know it was legal to own and trade slave in the Ottoman Empire as recently as 1918?

  11. To ignore or gloss over the differences between different peoples and different cultures is to reject and deny diversity rather than embrace it.

  12. If you want to see the difference between the West and Islam, just draw two cartoons, one of Jesus, and one of Mohammed (the pics don’t  have to be mocking, just draw them picking flowers or something nice) and you’ll see the difference – especially if you sign it with your real name and address.

    Go ahead, try it and see what happens.

    • They consider pictures of their prophet an insult. That’s just their way. Try insulting Jesus and see what kind of reaction you get.

      • The Organization of Islamic Conferences – the largest UN voting block, consisting of 57 Muslim countries, has been pushing for member countries to make such drawings of Mohammed illegal, under “anti-blasphemy” laws of the sort that are common in Islamic countries, but which have been in the dustbin of history for a while now in the secular democratic West.

        Wouldn’t you say that introducing anti-blasphemy laws into countries that uphold the right to freedom of speech would be a step backward, and a violation of said freedom?

        Wouldn’t you agree that anti-blasphemy laws to protect ANY religion are diametrically opposed to Western values, the cornerstone of which is free speech?

        Or would you be quite happy to continue to chip away at the freedoms of the West just so non-Westerners who chose to come here don’t get their little feelings hurt?

        • All I’m saying is it’s an insult to do so and we all know it so why do we choose to insult people on purpose? We don’t need laws against it. All that’s required is good manners. Is that too much to ask?

          • This comment was deleted.

          • We used to be known the world over for our good manners. Maybe it wasn’t that important in your family. I don’t know why but if you feel you need to insult people on purpose to preserve your freedoms I guess that’s your right and in that vein I guess it’s their right to be offended by your insults.

          • That offense thing is a pretty slippery slope.   Should we ban EVERYTHING that causes offense?

            I’m offended by hunting, particularly the hunting of wild canids.   Should we ban it because I don’t like it?

            If Muslims insist hard enough that they are offended by women who do not cover all their hair, should it be a law for non-Muslim women to be forced to wear a hijab, niqab or burka – in Canada?  What if they declare they are offended by dog ownership (which has been banned in Iran)?  The pork industry?  The alcohol industry?

            If HIndus were to decide that the eating of beef is offensive, should we ban the Alberta beef industry?  What about k. d. lang’s feelings?

            Should “Free Tibet” signs and flags be banned so as not to offend the Chinese?  What if they say they are offended that we do not honour their culinary traditions by allowing dog or cat to be served?

            Be very careful here.

      • Uh, Jesus gets made fun of numerous forms of media all of the time, including many movies (hell, look at South Park…).

      • This comment was deleted.

      • None, generally.  Oh, sure: they write letters.  When they stab me with one, I’ll let you know.

        • Ahhh…..Lke Theo van Gogh let everyone know?

  13. I have a question. Since it was Saudis who were responsible for 9/11 why are we still friends with them and why was Iraq and Afghanistan invaded? If any invasion were warranted due to 9/11 we should have invaded Saudi Arabia. 

    • Frankly, we ought to be reassessing our relationship with both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

      Being able to tell Saudi Arabia to “shove it” is one of the best reasons I’ve ever heard to find alternatives to petroleum.

  14. As long as ones religion means more to him than his country and one is willing to die for his religion but not for his country the problem will always exist and bringing more fundamental Muslims into this country will only exacerbate the problem.

  15. Just reading the comments, one thing pops right out. One commenter, by the Nom-de-web of SteveDobbs obviously attends those white-sheet meetings. This isn’t Mississippi, Stevo. Go home. Your kind isn’t welcome here.
    The danger to Canada comes not from Muslims, but from “people” like him.

  16. Said argument:”argument said Islam no good ,a raped girl was unable to fetch 4 witnesses.Family in iraq or pakistan had honour killing due to pregnancy or quran said:”kill the jews or for converting or saudi arabia beheaded or taliban stoned to death a women”.6 cases even if true for argument.But yesterday news were:”in usa 4 women were raped every second,one murder took place every minute
    24 hrs yr round 4 million abortion took place in Japan ,India has legal religion dassi prostitution and transgender hijra with killing abortions” said Islam :”the advantage of drinking beer or alcohol if compared with disadvantage.so it is forbidden’.Muslim do not have aid ,prostitution or need so many abortion .The rapist do exist.

    • Will you please give up on the stream-of-consciousness verbal diarrhea style and try to formulate your arguments in coherent language? Your posts are unreadable.

  17. The martial side of Jihad (war), has a very clear process and limitations of waging wars.  This idea of an Islamic religious doctrine of global domination through holy war is as ridiculous a myth as the whole 72 virgins thing.

  18. Muslims ruled India for 1000 years and India today is 90% Hindu.  The last caliphate ruled Greece for 400 years and today, Greece is 99% christian.  Muslims ruled Egypt for 400 years before it became the dominant religion.  You need to get educated on the topic before you start making yourself look stupid.

    • India, Greece, and Spain were in fact once under Muslim rule, but it took a lot of warring to get them out.

      They didn’t leave peacefully.

      • The point is that they didn’t have a policy of converting everybody.  If they wanted to do that, (like the Spanish in south America for example) then everybody there would be a Muslim. 

        • This comment was deleted.

          • Well, if you are going to look at how badly one group treated another…how about the way the English (church of England) treated the Irish Catholics….did not allow them to own land in their own country?   Are we suspicious of the English?

    • Totally laughable. In India it was Sikhs that stopped the Muslim invasion, but muslims converted the Hindus/buddists by force of Afghanistan/Pakistan.  Muslims killed millions of Hindus. Spain was taken back by Crishtians and every Quran was burned………. 

  19. Reasons why Canada  does not like Islam?

    Muhammed married a 6 year old when he was 54
    He raped slave girls and had 11 wives
    He beheaded a tribe of Jews then raped the wife of the leader of the tribe the same day(he called it marriage lol)
    He lied
    Bought, sold, and traded slaves 

    I could go on and on……..

    Read the Hadith and Quran 

    • Have you read the Bible by chance?  It’s full of all sorts of atrocities and ridiculous things too.

      Actually, here you go, watch this clip and educate yourself a little:


      • I am not a Christian, but Jesus was nothing like muhammed. The bible is man made and written years after his death. 

        • Seriously?  So, you actually know how Jesus was like then?  Had many conversations with him, did you?  Get to know him well?  Obviously not, seeing as you read about his life through a man-made book. 

          Here’s another shocker:  the Quran is also man-made!  How on earth do you know what Mohammed was really like at all?

          There’s many parts of the Quran that are interesting and preach good values.  There’s parts that aren’t so good.  Another news flash:  the Bible is the same way!  Go read it and see that there’s good messages mixed in with some pretty terrible ones too.

          • This comment was deleted.

      • This comment was deleted.

      • The difference is, Christians don’t do those things any more.  Muslims, especially in the old world, often still do.  Can we afford to wait a thousand years while they catch up to the rest of the world?

    • You nailed it. They will never assimilate, only conquer. 

  20. Some years ago my daughter had a friend in school from a Muslim family. She was invited for a sleep over – the response from her Dad was: “no, it’s not our tradition”. We invited them to BBQ’s, holidays, birthday parties…we tried to make friends, but were alway greeted with the same response: “No, it’s not our tradition”. Unfortunately, I have become jaded on multiculturalism. I see a country divided into little fiefdoms. There are pockets of culture in my town you are not welcome to visit. My forefathers didn’t sacrifice themselves for this. You are in this country because we welcomed you…maybe try welcoming us.    

    • News flash moron, this isn’t YOUR country either.  This country is the First Nations territory, taken over forcibly by the Europeans. 

      You have one thing right though:  there is a vicious cycle of non-inclusion, which is causing these pocket communities.  But want to know what started the whole vicious cycle (and continues to perpetuate it the MOST)?  The “original” (I use heavy emphasis here on purpose) Canadians that continue to segregate and exploit the “multiculturalism” of Canada as it suits them.

      • Name calling.  Nice.  Stay classy.

        • Useless comment that adds nothing of value.  Nice.  Stay idiotic.

    • I know some white Canadian families that don’t let their kids participate in sleepovers either and what about that “tiger mother” who was featured that didn’t believe in her kids having visits and sleepovers at friends’ houses.  You cannot generalize about an entire religion of 1.5 billion people – some of which are white Canadians – based on your one experience.  

  21. The Canadian form of multiculturalism is clearly a beacon to the World. We here in Canada have peoples from all parts of the former British Empire of all faiths & cultures. We have immigrants from beyond this older polity as well. Canada is seen as a place of the rule of law, and of tolerance. What has changed though is a general decline for the respect & fear, yes FEAR, of authority. Where the mechanisms of Law Enforcement & Justice are to be seen & considered part of the community, not the arm of the  government. People of the Islamic faith, one of the 3 great pillars of the Abrahamic God Mythos, are no different to you or I. They have needs, wants, and aspirations for their lives & the lives of their children. What has to be done is that Religious Order must be subordinated to Secular Order. Leave the matter of God to the time beyond death’s portal. While here on Earth, it is the Law of Man that must be supreme, and that law must be as balanced and as impartial as we can make it. So that all persons, regardless of faith or creed are seen as equals before the Law & that the respect of others is the cornerstone of our great Commonwealth.

  22. Go f*** yourself, you piece of s***.

    • Stay even more classy.

      • One doesn’t need to be classy to make good points.  Which you are absolutely incapable of making, you stupid f***.

  23. The poll, regrettably, and like almost all polls, is poorly framed. 

    It is impossible to know from such a poll where a majority of Canadians sees this conflict between Islamic civilization and Western civilization – and let us not quibble over those terms. Presumably, the implicit inference is to the legal, and popular – let us not deny that either – violations of what we consider conventional human rights in the former.  It would be difficult to argue that these do not occur. Nor can their fact be wished away by absurd anti-relativist statements; it is not that our culture is so great, but that there are objections to the values of other cultures that are probably well-founded. I am sure that they, similarly, object to elements of ours; sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong and sometimes they are irrelevant.  But it is their right to criticise, as it is ours. In which world is healthy criticism not of value?

    Thus the question really should be “are elements of Islamic religio-social-political culture irreconcilable with Western social democracy?”  And the answer, of course, is ‘yes’.  Of course there are such elements.  Similarly, there are elements of Catholic bureaucracy and social convention that are not reconcilable with Western social democracy: similarly Protestantism, Communism and Fascism. The problem, as many people do not see, is that such reactionary social conservatism has a much wider and broader and legal support in Islamic countries than here; this difference might be chalked up to social inertia, or religious retardation of humanitarian development. (Those ignorant of the depth of this sentiment should examine other polls out of Jordan, Pakistan and the now Brotherhood-bound Egypt.) But either base cause will serve; conservative Islamic politico-religious ideology is not wanted here, and neither should a socially responsible person want it permitted anywhere at all.  We have enough of our own, and having just finally lassoed them and wrestled to the ground we want no part of another, even more extreme perspective on social justice and individual rights, thankyou, and particularly as Islamism rejects our central premise of the separation of church and state, BNA notwithstanding. In this sense it is all very well to point fingers at similarly intemperate language in Judaism and Christianity and presumably in sects or aspects of Hindu or Jain or Buddhist belief – if only they were inferring with conventional human rights on the basis of religion and backed by the support of the state. Someday again they well might; but not anytime soon, and not if we are careful.

    Because this debate is made by humans, and because we are really very simple primates, much of what goes on is brow-beating and cheap, unrealistic parallels.  This should stop. The issue is a little more serious than knee-jerk reactions and provocation.  Perspective is called for; and rationality.

  24. If Islam were just another religion, I don’t think people would care all that much.  However, Islam is also a political ideology, with it’s own set of laws (Sharia) which dictate every aspect of Muslim life (most notably that God (Allah)’s word is the highest law, even above the secular laws of the home nation).  Now I don’t believe that all (or even most) Muslims are Islamic supremacists, but I would suspect that many of those who ARE are motivated, politically astute, and often hold prominent positions within the Muslim community. And as criticism of Islam is frowned upon (legislation criminalizing this under the guise of freedom of religion is underway in the US), regular peaceful Muslims will almost never speak out and denounce the violent or supremacist actions of the radical minority.  Those who do are often threatened with violence themselves.  This minority, like it or not, is leading Islam around by the nose because of this, tarnishing the image of Muslims around the world.  Time and time again it has been stated that it is the Muslim community itself that must rise up and put a stop to the radicals who are causing the problem. As time goes on and “the West” has seen fit to defend itself from violence while waiting in vain for Muslims to correct the problem themselves, that very defense has been used by the radicals to stigmatize the Muslim community even further, inventing words like “Islamophobia” and the belief that Muslims are somehow being unfairly persecuted (when in fact people, businesses and governments have often gone out of their way to make Muslims feel included and tried to accommodate their needs).  The fact that so many left-wing groups have taken up this false assumption is rather ironic, since they would be the first to suffer punishment if the radical Islamic faction finally got their way and Sharia was implemented in western nations.  War is Deceit, after all.

    • Great post. Hit the nail on the head.

  25. I think Christianity is irreconcilable with the west too,Churches should be banned in Norway,Germany,and Ireland.

    Lets see how Fox News reacts when Christians try to build a Victory Church on Utoya Island.

  26. Contemporary global politics is the age of Muslim wars. Muslims fight each  other and they fight non-Muslims far more often than do peoples of other  civilizations. Muslim wars have replaced the cold war as the principal form of  international conflict. These wars include wars of terrorism, guerrilla wars, civil wars and interstate conflicts. These instances of Muslim violence could congeal into one major clash of civilizations between Islam and the West or between  Islam and the Rest. That, however, is not inevitable, and it is more likely  that violence involving Muslims will remain dispersed, varied and frequent.

  27. I would conclude all the discussion by saying that all religions are bad for your health and some of them are worse. The best would be if they did not exist. But we live in real word and I think, that every litle that each of us can do to this goal is a big contribution to the humanity.

  28. Why is it that wherever muslims are in majority they have wars and fights between themselves e.g. Bahrain?
    Why is it where-ever muslims are in a minority they either plan to fight/bomb the country they live in or collect welfare from (Canada) or actually do so  e.g. USA, India. Incidentally all these countries are progressive democracies and secular. Isn’t this stabbing in the back and the lowest of mentalities and of course cowardice else they wouldn’t be murdering unarmed innocents.

    Is it becomes muslims have not yet evolved as a human race? Is it because they are genetically aggressive? Or is their ideological book written by a pedophile, robber gang head to blame? You have even their kids spouting theories like “Jihad is good. If someone does not agree with you, then you can fight them. The whole world should become Islamic etc.”

    Giving examples of random acts of violence by other religions like Christianity does not justify everyday mass murderers. 

  29. Islam is a dangerous religion, they are invading our peaceful country, It wont be long before we have muslin terrorist attracts in Canada. I pray the government sees the devastation that Islam has done to others country’s, and stop it before its to late.

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