Majority of Canadians want penny gone -

Majority of Canadians want penny gone

New poll finds barely a third support keeping it around


A majority of Canadians want the government to get rid of the penny, according to a new poll. The survey found 55 per cent of respondents support scrapping the near-worthless coin, compared to 35 per cent who want to keep it. British Columbians (62 per cent) are the most likely to want the penny gone, followed by Quebec (61 per cent), then Ontario (55 per cent). Men are also more likely than women to want it gone, with 65 per cent supporting its demise, compared to 45 per cent of women. The people most sad to see the penny go? Atlantic Canadians (27 per cent), Manitobans and Saskatchewans (26 per cent).

Angus Reid

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Majority of Canadians want penny gone

  1. Australia abolished its one cent coin (as well as a two cent coin) many years ago, and trust me, no one misses it. Prices are still often expressed in cents (e.g. $9.99) but these are rounded up or down to the nearest 5, after being added up in the original prices. Again, I've never heard anyone complain about this. Canada, its your turn to opt for some common currency 'sense'. (And yes, congrats on making the move from paper to polymer bills – we've been doing that too for years, and they last much longer, pick up fewer germs, are harder to counterfeit, and save a lot of taxpayer money in issuance/replacement costs.)

    • Yeah, I moved to Australia a few months ago, and it is nice to not have pennies. The sheer size of the 50 cent piece, which is larger than a toonie, kind of makes up for this, though. Before I moved out of Canada, I rolled up over $10 of pennies in my change jar. It took me over an hour, illustrating why everyone hoards pennies (it is not worth the time to roll them). The rounding of prices only happens if you pay in cash, and in general, stores try to keep prices of things rounded to the nearest 5 cents anyways. I really don't get why a lot of people in Canada get so scared that retailers are going to screw them out of a penny or two if the penny gets abolished.

      • I just moved back to Canada from Oz. That 50 cent coin is massive. And +1 for losing the penny.

      • sounds like we are copying Oz, we're also supposed to get plasticized bills soon too (no joke!)

  2. It costs more to produce a penny 1.5 cents, then it's actual value … this is not good business economics, so get rid of the penny ASAP.

  3. A penny saved is a moment wasted.

  4. Let's not be hasty now, surely the Central Commitee can wring a few million more out of this issue. After all, funding to determine the length of a piece of string isn't approved yet.

  5. why don't we get a bit more radical and just have dollars and then ten cent pieces ;) then we can get rid of one decimal point