Mammograms aren’t the answer: study -

Mammograms aren’t the answer: study

Increased awareness, treatment are best way to reduce breast cancer death rate


Women are now accustomed to getting mammograms to screen for breast cancer on a regular basis, often from their forties or fifties, but a new study suggests the mammogram might not have the benefits often associated with it. The first study to assess the benefit of mammography in the context of modern breast cancer treatment, it shows that improved treatments with hormonal therapy and other targeted drugs have reduced mammography’s benefits, since it’s now less important to find cancers too small to feel, the New York Times reports. Previous studies done when treatment was less effective, decades ago, found mammography reduced the breast cancer rate by up to 25 per cent, but in the new study, mammography combined with modern treatment reduced the death rate by 10 per cent. Still, the data showed that the effect of just mammographs might be 2 per cent, even zero per cent. Even a 10 per cent reduction is so small, it might have occurred by chance, they said. Still, experts continue to debate the benefits of mammography, with many advocating for it.

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Mammograms aren’t the answer: study

  1. Still no free testing for prostate cancer and only miniscule funding for research even though prostate cancer has similar incidence and chance of death.

  2. I felt that the risk of cancer after having a mammogram is higher than without. You cannot imagine the discomfort having your breast flatten like a pan cake just to examine for cancer. Think if the same testing is done on prostate cancer, aaaaahk!

    • Let's just establish that this is your "feeling" and not in any way a scientific finding because we know that their is no indication that there is an increased risk of cancer following mammography. Let me also enlighten you that not all women experience pain when they have a mammogram. The amount of pain fluctuates depending on what time of month you get the test done. Having said that, Dr. Oz explained that mammography is not a great tool for women in their 40's due to the density of their breast tissue. He showed an example mammogram and compared it to one for a woman in her 50's. It is very hard to distinguish any kind of tumor. Thus there are many false positives for that age group. You can pay an extra $20.00 and have a computer read your mammogram along with the radiologist just to make sure you get the best reading of the result possible. So there you go Denis, the ladies are paying for their tests too.

      • Then I must be too hypersensitive to experience pain during the exam.