Man arrested in connection with missing Alberta couple -

Man arrested in connection with missing Alberta couple

Travis Vader, 38, is person of interest in McCann case


Police have arrested 38-year-old Travis Vader in Edson, Alta. in connection with the disappearance of Lyle McCann, 78, and his wife Marie Ann McCann, aged 77. The couple was last seen getting gas on July 3 near their hometown of St. Albert, Alta. and their motor home was found burned to a shell two days later. Eleven days after that, their Hyundai Tuscon SUV was spotted west of Edmonton. Vader has a criminal record for a 1995 car theft and had other outstanding warrants when he became a “person of interest” in the McCann case. Police say he may know the couple’s whereabouts.

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Man arrested in connection with missing Alberta couple

  1. Let's pray the outcome is all we could hope for.

  2. about time!!!

  3. Why was he out and about with all the outstanding warrents against him. Too common a story.

    • I blame our judges

  4. I don't anticipate a joyous outcome for the family – but I'm glad he's caught all the same. My prayers are with the family members of this couple.

    We, as voters, need to take more interest in our laws and lawmakers. Too often I read comments made about how the police are to blame for allowing criminals to go free…..HELLOOOOOOOO????
    Police don't make the laws – they enforce them.

  5. If we would design laws to keep the general public safe and law breakers confined maybe this couple would have been able to enjoy a safe and happy holiday. My thoughts go out to this couples family. I hope for a good outcome.

  6. Old people, who have worked their whole lives, raised a good family, have lovely grandchildren, people like this and many more are harmed or killed by wicked people not sick people like you canadian bleeding hearts call them. maybe MR Harper and the rest of his goverment should live out in the real world like the rest of canada does., maybe we should all have home securites, armoured vehicles,__body guards, private planes, boats, box seats at sport advents OR maybe you could reconsider putting these animals in an electric chair, better yet, i know some who could probally build you a platform for hanging. and believe it or not, you could probally still get a couple of men and women in masks to volunteer for a firing squad. and use them. Give the provinces the choice of a death sentence or not., I have this reaccuring dream every nite that i live in a dectatorship country….Debbie R

  7. I would like a public inquiry into why this individual was arrested. This is yet another example of how Canada has become a police state.

  8. Vader was arrested on his numerous OUTSTANDING WARRANTS!!!

  9. I can excuse this comment if you haven't been following this story whatsoever, but if you have been following it then this is either pure ignorance or an attempt to anger people. Plenty of other articles available have stated how this guy is wanted on many unrelated charges and had several warrants out for his arrest for failure to appear in court…

    Maybe you should try doing 2 minutes of googling before you make such an inflammatory statement.

  10. arturolexo — stop philosophizing and get a grip on reality my friend. People like you are responsible for the fact that this individual was not arrested and detained a LONG TIME AGO, years ago!! The question that should be asked is "Why was this individual not arrested many years ago considering his antisocial behaviour." And now, they have good reason to be detaining him because of logic. Artuolexo, are you certain that the sun will rise again tomorrow or, are you assuming the sun will rise tomorrow because it has done so many times in the past? This whole "guilty until proven innocent" garbage has caused society a lot more harm than good. Is someone really innocent until proven guilty so black and white? No, it is not and it should never trump our experiences, common sense, probability and logic. Duh, when this suspect's own family is telling the public he is dangerous and this comes as no surprise to the people who love him most, then would be a good time for you to to get your infantile, little head out of the sand. It is people like you who would have an about-face change of opinion if you were kidnapped in your vulnerable old-age while attempting to go on holidays. This is a crime of cowardly proportions and a most humiliating and debased way to have one's honorable life end, though I pray to God this is not the case. Even if the McCann's are still alive and well, what has happened to them is sad, humiliating, sick and truly from the bottom of an abysmal pit from whence the person who has committed it has delved. Honestly, I wish we would get the death penalty in Canada again. Not because the death penalty deters crime, but because I think it is wrong to feed and support anyone who is not in any way shape or form, "human". As long as the puke is under suspicion and that eventually turns into a provable conviction then, send him to the wolves. I can only hope he will be eradicated in jail if found guilty. Bring back the death penalty Canada for these extreme crimes!!

  11. p.s. – By the way arturolexo, you are more than welcome to go bail the demon out of jail and have him stay at your parents' house until he is proven guilty if you want. from RealityGrip

  12. Ok, Debbie, I wrote my comments below as RealityGrip. You almost had me on your side at the beginning of your comments, but then you went somewhere totally weird and started sounding a little like one of the many uneducated Americans out there… even a tad on the psychotic side.

    • I totally agree with you the give away was the canadian bleeding heart comment, oh and the poor spelling. I knew right away those two things gave her away as a american "events" dear not "advents…….dictatorship

  13. This is just like the G-20. Innocent people have been arrested, and that means we are living in a Police State!

  14. Google is not the answer for Canada. They are only a way to propogate the big banks, the G-20, and the NWO. I demand an inquiry into this obvious miscarriage of justice!

  15. Realtygrip, this is another clear example of how Canada has become a Police State under PM Harper. If only Mr. Ignatief would stand up for human rights, we would be the most wonderful country on earth. Unfortunately, Mr. Ignatief is away right now, and cannot comment on these horrible, inhumane arrrests that are happening in our country. I'm sure he agrees with me, because he is a really good professor.

  16. You say he is a really good "professor"? Gee, hmmm, no biased brain-washing on your end detected whatsoever. Glad to see you're getting a well-rounded American education here in Canada ;)

    • Realtygrip, you have some sort of attitude against professors. How on earth do you conclude that I am an American student in Canada? I am only trying to tell you that Mr. Ignatieff is the kind of professor that would never stand for the kind of police state that Canada has become. Too bad he is just away right now, otherwise he would have lots to say about this. The best example is this arrest of Mr. Vader. Oviously designed to draw public opinion away from the G-20.

      • Arturolexo, I am a university grad, I have nothing but accolades to say about most professors. My point is this: you are selfishly detracting away from the comments of this McCann case to pursue your own selfish interests that have nothing to do with this case. Take your agenda elsewhere.

  17. People with to much time time on their hands to burn police cars got arrested, this is not a police state, what I would like is the right to defend my home, so if if I experienced a home invasion I could plant a bullet in the guys forehead. and do it with joy.

  18. Thanks R.g. for your tireless efforts in attempting to articulate what is so obviously flawed in some of the thinking that permeates mainstream communication channels. For every poke and prod sent with nothing but good intentions, know that there are those of us on the sidelines feeling the same way inside.

    For reasons I can't explain……the McCann story has haunted me since the very start. I think because it shows how each of us are vulnerable, on some way, in an unpredicting society. God bless the family. Real Canadians; real people who know enough not to mix this tragedy with politicians, G20, police corruption, or whatever hell else tops their agenda with no association to real facts, pour our hearts and souls out to the family and community. If there is just some way we can help….

    And PS….to Debbie R…please don't mix "bleeding hearts" with mental illness While it would be good time spent googling to gain a better understanding, to understand mental sickness, you'll need to do a lot more. Please refrain from those comments until you've done just that.

    • when i say bleeding hearts i mean the people who have voted and vitoed the death penality. and as for humans will mental illnesses, if they are prone to killing people dont we still have hospitals where they can stay permentally. Right now i have a 100 year old fatherinlaw who kicked a nurse in the nursing home, now he stay straped in bed??? you tell me. forget about our elderly. I refuse to be told what to do by a goverment that i cannot trust anymore.

  19. " OMG really" this arrest is to draw attention away from the G-20? Wow cuz they are somehow so connected……

  20. wew, he's so rude to old people..
    JAIL is the answer for him..

  21. Unfortunately, I don't think this is going to end well. I believe this couple have been murdered, and if this guy is the guilty one then great! Also, I see some of my fellow A hole Canadians just could'nt resist bringing American bashing into the mix here. You people really are pathetic.

  22. Wow! There sure are a lot of sick comments on here!

    • ' Agree..just did a quick count…The last 15 comments were all related to Arturolexo and were all off topic…kind of makes a person wonder what makes people like that tick….Back to the topic, I hope that this arrest will help solve this case and bring some peace of mind to the family.

    • ' Agree..just did a quick count…The last 15 comments were all related to Arturolexo and were all off topic…kind of makes a person wonder what makes people like that tick….Back to the topic, I hope that this arrest will help solve this case and bring some peace of mind to the family.

  23. no, Im not physchotic or american, i just get so upset when i read about this couple that i dont keep my thoughts straight. I cry for these people and all of the victims hurt by repeat offenders, and i did like what you said Reality Grip, you do get what i was saying. bad spelling dont make me an american or nut, When the people elected get more than the people who elected them, something is wrong,and I dont think i do too bad spelling for being handicapped and worry more about being taking care of these vicious people who should be in prisons then put to death. with our technology today there would be no doubt.

  24. Hi True North. For the record, I'd feel better if my comments were associated with an appreciation of the efforts of Reality Grip in following this ordeal rather than rather than folks like Artu…etc.

    My concern now is how little has been communicated lately. It would be so good to hear good news. God bless the McCann family.