Man fatally shoots son thinking he's a burglar -

Man fatally shoots son thinking he’s a burglar


In what he thought was an act of self-defense, a Connecticut man shot and killed an intruder outside his sister’s home. He then realized it was his son–15-year-old Tyler Giuliano.

On Thursday, Jeffrey Giuliano received a call from his sister, who lived next door, saying she believed someone was trying to break into her house. He grabbed his gun and confronted a figure in black clothes and a ski mask. He fired when he saw the person was wielding a shiny weapon.

Tyler, who was in 10th grade, died at at the scene. No charges have been filed yet.

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Man fatally shoots son thinking he’s a burglar

  1. this is sad… it shows that a handgun is too much of a powerful tool,
    there are others ways to address one’s problems

    • Also, don’t try to break into your aunt’s house wearing black clothes and a ski mask while holding a knife.

      But yes, if you are going to use a gun for self-defense, make sure it is a last resort rather than playing cowboy.

  2. Yay, guns!! WTG. I wonder why Chriostians don’t have another council of Trent or whatever, to choose who gets to be elevated with Jesus. Lots of the Bible books suck. I say my spirit guide last night. It was a coyote sitting on the rocks like me. He looked at me a bit, ignored my half-hearted hoots and howls. After 5 minutes he left, probably to eat some domestic animals. He was me. IDK why I was…I nominate that coyote as a Book Chapter over tthe Mormon prophet.