Man found after three months in the woods, stranded by bear attack -

Man found after three months in the woods, stranded by bear attack


MONTREAL – A man has been rescued, clinging to his life, after spending three months in a remote forest during which he survived a bear attack.

Police are sharing the improbable story of 44-year-old Marco Lavoie, an experienced hiker who set off on what was supposed to be a two-month excursion on July 16, 2013.

Police can’t say exactly when that bear attack occurred. But it’s believed that in mid-August, halfway through his planned trip, the animal attacked his encampment, ate his food, and destroyed his survival gear.

Because he’d had so much experience in the deep woods, when he didn’t turn up back home last month his loved ones simply assumed he’d extended his stay in the Lake Matagami region of northwestern Quebec.

But they became increasingly alarmed in recent weeks and called the provincial police on Oct. 21. Police sent out a helicopter to rescue him.

The helicopter couldn’t land. So two police officers dropped down, and one carried Lavoie back up on his shoulders. They brought him to hospital.

Police say he was rescued just in time.

“We believe he might have died in a few more hours — 24 to 48 hours more,” said Sgt. Ronald McInnis, a provincial police spokesman.

“He’s in critical condition. He wasn’t even able to drink water when we offered him some. He will be on an IV for several weeks.

“He will gradually learn to drink, and then eat, again.”

The man was severely emaciated and suffering from hypothermia when he was found: “It’s already been snowing (up there) for two or three weeks. The nights are cold,” McInnis said.

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Man found after three months in the woods, stranded by bear attack

  1. And stop wandering around by yourself in the ‘deep woods’.

    • Life has risks. What an uninteresting existence to avoid all challenges.

      • Like Chris Hadfield?

        • Relevance?

          • You were the one talking about avoiding risks.

          • No, you were with your uninformed comment about never venturing into the wilderness alone.

          • People takes risks every day Chris….in fact you’d have to live in a monastery not to….but there’s a difference between taking a calculated risk and a damn fool gamble.

            Don’t play Davy Crockett in the woods if you’re not Davy Crockett…..the bears don’t like it.

          • Two pedestrians were struck on Ottawa streets just this morning. The woods are safer.

          • I said people take risks every day Donny….damn fool gambles are another matter.

    • Some people live life outside and not on macleans message boards. I like that kind of stuff to, that takes something else in terms of survival knowledge to make it outa there. Props to him

      • And some people think they’re tough and Daniel Boone types….

        • To call this man a fool would make you ignorant and you just need to stop butting your head into these kind of things. A fool goes into the woods for 2 months with no experiance and expects to survive. This man survived using only what nature provided for a peroid of time which would kill the majority of people. He is a hero, your an idiot.

          • Oh enough with the macho crap. You’re both idiots.

          • Ah… nope. They are right… and yup…. you are indeed an idiot.

          • Fine, go for a walk in the woods and try it yourself

  2. If this is the Marco Lavoie that I know, he is actually lucky that somebody reported him missing. I hope he had time to think about his life in general. Think about it… he goes missing for weeks and nobody bats an eye, not even his daughter. He might become famous but he’ll never be a hero.

    • Marco was close colleague of mine at work for almost 3 years, he’s a loner, he really loved those kind of trip. What I’m wondering, was he with his beloved dog on the trip? It’s very important in those situation to have either a satellite phone or a personal beacon, those are pretty inexpensive these day.

  3. The news reported he had a dog with him. Was his dog found as well?