Man killed by pet tiger -

Man killed by pet tiger

Exotic animal activist was mauled to death in Ontario


A 66-year old Ontario man was mauled to death on Sunday by his 295-kilogram pet tiger. Ontario Provincial Police say Norman Buwalda, who lived in Southwold, Ont., was attacked after he entered his animal’s cage to feed it. He was later discovered by a family member. Buwalda served as the chairman of the Canadian Exotic Animal Owner’s Association and fought neighbours for the right to keep wild animals on his property. But similar attacks have happened at his home before. In 2004, a young boy was mauled and seriously injured by a Siberian tiger also owned by Buwalda. Police are still investigating the incident.

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Man killed by pet tiger

  1. IDIOT.

  2. It is ironic that the man who fought to keep wild animals as pets after his Siberian Tiger mauled a boy due to his carelessness meet his own ends by a tiger that he fought hard to keep as a pet.

    My condolence to the family, but in my opinion, tigers, lions and cougars aren't meant to be kept as "Pets" for unprofessional humans to feed and care after. These deadly efficient predators shouldn't be underestimated and should be returned to a natural conservation or zoo facility where there are plentiful of trained professonals at hand.

  3. luckey the little boy wasnt killed

  4. It's a very sad situation, as now the tiger is likely going to be euthanized. Being from Muskoka, I'm familiar with the problems of large, wild cats being "pets". Problems have occurred many times with the large cats a local man houses as "pets". Unfortunately, the "problems" have always resulted in the death of the animal, for simply doing what comes natural to the cat. Not only are they wild animals they are EXTREMELY POWERFUL. They shouldn't be caged and housed as "pets". Let them live freely away from human "owners" as they were intended.

  5. Bob, it's easy to call him an idiot, but really, this is an unfortunate tragedy.

  6. Tiger's in the news again?!

  7. except replace 'unfortunate' tragedy with 'completely avoidable' tragedy on account of idiot tiger owner.

  8. LMAO Good one Darren But , Tiger's changed his name to Cheeta!

  9. Most of the comments, at all the web sites posting this story, twitter, etc. demonstrate that the majority of commenters recognize this incident for what it is: tragic, yes, but entirely predictable and preventable. Why oh why then does the province of Ontario not legislate against the keeping of such creatures as pets, and in roadside zoos? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is a recipe for disaster–risk of injury or death for humans, and misery for the animal.

  10. A bit of justice, but what about the idiot judge that could have prevented this as well. I think that judges should be elected by the people

  11. Any animal that can supplant itself (if only for a couple minutes) on the food chain above humans should not be a pet.

  12. The problem with wild animals goes beyond big cats. Recall the woman in America who was mauled by a fully grown male chimpanzee. It bit off her face and hands and she now survives in a vegetative state.

  13. I'm sorry, but the tiger is guiltless. The man is responsible for his own death. The tiger is doing what is in its nature to do and if you're too stupid to not have awe, respect, and admiration for and fear of this beautiful animal, and to think it will be happy being your prisoner/pet cooped up in a cage/pen and fed by your dimwitted, selfish, thoughtless self … please, you're asking for it. We must also blame the lawmakers, for it should without question be illegal to keep these beautiful animals as pets. They should be free or in open, expansive, conservations areas that preserve their natural habitat. The laws that allow this are shameful and stupid. The lawmakers are guilty as well.

  14. I thought it was harmful when they called it "pet".

  15. for and fear of this beautiful animal, and to think it will be happy being your prisoner/pet cooped up in a cage/pen and fed by your dimwitted, selfish, thoughtless self … please, you're asking for it. We must also blame the lawmakers,

  16. Why do people do this? The belief that humans can “tame” a wild animal and transform it into a harmless pet is ridicolous! They are wild for a reason, and should remain so. As well, these type of people are only ensuring that more tigers, lions, etc…will be euthanized even though all they are doing is acting on centuries of instinct. These problems are not caused by aggressive animals looking to intently harm humans, but rather because they are being housed in small cages and not taken care of properly. THIS is why they are becoming aggressive, because of pent up frusterations and misunderstandings. Though I do sympathize with the family, I wish this situation could have been overall avoided by allowing wild animals to live in their natural environment, and banning citizens on having them.