Man of the People


In which the prime minister tries to promote his new home reno tax credit by showing up at an ongoing two-year project to add a thousands-of-square-feet addition to a half-million dollar home, uses a nail gun but forgets to wear safety goggles for the cameras, screws it up anyway. Oh, and the city sent a special crew the night before to clean the street so he’d be able to drive smoothly up to the curb. And there’s a Starbucks two blocks away. 


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Man of the People

  1. A pool report on the photo-op described Mr. Harper struggling with a pneumatic nail gun as he posed for pictures. He was not wearing safety goggles or a hard hat.

    He drove the first nail in, but then fired blanks on the next three. “Oh. Misfire,” he said. Someone helped him out with the gun and then he successfully put the next three shots in the wall.

    “There we go. It’s all done. I have a second job.”

    Sounds like he’s about as good at his second job as he is at his first. He should have brought the cat.

  2. But one of the members of Mr. Flaherty’s 11-member panel is Annette Verschuren, the president of Home Depot Canada and Asia.

    Tsk Tsk – you appoint these folks to give you advice…and they clearly steer you wrong…
    I mean – Canadian Tire make it SO clear in their ads….the ONLY safe use of Nail Guns…is by letting your wife use them!

    • Sadly Lauren Harper might be better adapt for home renovation projects.

      • I agree that Laureen Harper is the “handy” member of the household (her husband being more of a soft pasty-faced bookish type). Not sure why this is sad, though. This isn’t the 1950’s – it’s ok for women to have carpentry skills.

  3. “”I’m not sure if the people living in tenant dwelling on Lees Avenue will have the same access to this program,” said Mr. Dewar, referring to a low-income neighbourhood off Main Street.”

    I don’t recall section in the new program that says only people with houses above local average are eligible for 15% rebate, so everyone has the same access. And it will help the timmy’s crowd, Dewar, because they likely make up the construction crews who will do some of this work or they work at the stores where the products are purchased from. And what about the billions of $$$ promised to low income housing. Do middle class have access to that program?

  4. And he kind of pointed it at his head to check why it wasn’t working. I’m a klutz too, so I’m not being critical. But some people should not be allowed near power tools.
    But whoever in the PMO organized this disaster came close to having a real mess, not just a PR mess on his hands. Must have been the “puffin” guy.

  5. I love stories like this. It makes you wonder what the PR people were thinking – I’d want to practice with a tool I’ve obviously never used before trying in front of TV crews. It’s almost up there with Teresa Heinz Kerry having the concept of “chili” explained to her by the cashier at Wendy’s.

    • Why not just use a hammer? Surely even Harper and Iggy have used hammers before.

  6. We are Main Street to the end,” Mr. Teneycke said. “Tim Hortons and macaroni salad all the way.”

    • Good one.
      No place for a Harvard guy with a big hat that’s for sure.