Man spends life savings on carnival game, wins stuffed banana with dreadlocks -

Man spends life savings on carnival game, wins stuffed banana with dreadlocks


Henry Gribbohm eventually won a prize at a carnival game, but not before spending all of his savings — $2,600 in total — to do it.

Gribbohm went public with his tale of woe, telling Boston news station WBZ-TV that he attended the carnival in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he started playing a game called Tubs of Fun with the hope of winning an Xbox Kinect.

He quickly blew through $300 and then went home to get more money. He lost another $2,300, in an attempt to win his original $300 back. He came away with a giant stuffed banana sporting dread locks and a rastacap.

“It’s not possible that it wasn’t rigged,” Gribbohm, 30, told WBZ-TV. “You just get caught up in the whole ‘I’ve got to win my money back.'”

The next day, Gribbohm complained and got $600 back. Police are investigating to see if the owner of the carnival game committed fraud.

Besides the banana, Gribbohm’s tale of gambling woe has also gained him international notoriety — at least for a couple of days. His story has been picked up by news outlets across the U.S., as well as on tech site Boing Boing and at the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

Here’s the original report that garnered all the attention:

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Man spends life savings on carnival game, wins stuffed banana with dreadlocks

  1. This comment was deleted.

    • Why are you sullying this hilarious tale of woe with all those exclamation marks?

      • Because exclamation points sort of look like straght bananas?

  2. When you find yourself in a hole…..

  3. A fool and his money are soon parted!!!

  4. Mickey Rooney, who amassed a sizeble fortune by leveraging his rather obvious talents as a Hollywood actor, was a terrible gambler. He was quoted in an interview as saying, “I lost $2.00 one day at a racetrack and then spent $2 million dollars over the next ten years trying to win it back.

    • That’s funny, I know another actor who’s doing that.

  5. I don’t understand any part of this story…Isn’t an Xbox worth 300.00, maybe 400.00 new? Once you lost 100.00 you would think it was time to stop (i would have stopped well before that point), but, the other things is, at these carnivals, how would you expect to “get your money back” by playing more? The MOST you are going to win would be the Xbox, there is no double or nothing option, with the giving you back cash, is there? Each day you think you have read about the most stupid people on the planet, and then you just have to take a look at the next story to see another one…

    • A new Xbox starts at $99.
      I think this guy is lying.

    • You’ve obviously never seen a gambling addict. I once watched a guy blow through $1000 on Joker Poker. The best payout was maybe a tenth of that. So what you are asking is the same as asking an alcoholic to have just one drink. Not possible.

  6. What kind of idiot spends more than the value of a prize trying to win it? After he dropped the first few bucks, he should have just gone out and bought one at the store.

  7. a story old as time…

  8. something tells me this WASN’T the first, or last, time ol’ Henry will be a “sucker”.

  9. I think this guy is a scammer.
    $2,600 spent on 2 Throws for $5 means he’d have to have thrown 1,040 times. Not likely.
    I’d wager that he only really spent $600, then complained and/or threatened legal action, to which the Carnival company likely gave him back ALL of his money ($600) and the plush.
    And now he’s trying to cause a stir to get even more money.

    • It’d be funny if the Carnival owner sued him for defamation of character for implying the owner committed fraud, then won in court and this sad human being lost let’s say a good $2.6MM to that, as well…

  10. An adult plays a carny game and loses so whines? What is America coming to?

    • But look who’s listening? He basically paid $2,600 for his 15 minutes of fame.