Man with chainsaw, pick axe and crossbow arrested in Toronto -

Man with chainsaw, pick axe and crossbow arrested in Toronto

Arrest made just outside G20 security zone


Police have arrested a man just outside the G20 security zone near Scott Street and The Esplanade, the Globe and Mail reports. Police noticed a homemade sheet metal box on top of his silver Hyundai and pulled him over to investigate. The box contained a crossbow, five arrows, a sledgehammer, a pick-axe, a chainsaw, a baseball bat, a gasoline canister and a cola bottle. Police Constable Michelle Murphy of the G20 Integrated Security Unit said the car also contained “hazardous materials.” The driver is believed to be 53 years old.

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Man with chainsaw, pick axe and crossbow arrested in Toronto

  1. Now how much you want to bet that this guy is just some poor schmuck caught in the crosshairs of what must surely be some seriously bored glorified security gaurds?

    What next? Arresting Mr.Rooter?

    Oh well, got a billion to justify right?

  2. I guess every person camping, bush clearing, drinking pop, playing baseball etc. is now potential fodder for the nasty-Nazi-type forces now occupying Toronto and Huntsville.
    Glad I'm far far away in (almost) another galaxy from all this persecution.

  3. They arrested Dwight Schrute?

  4. Apparently, the gentleman in question was using the items to protect himself from perceived attacks by his neighbours and may have been off his medication according to his family. Had it been a normal day in downtown Toronto, he'd have been about his business without interruption.

    Now, who really looks paranoid in this story?

  5. We might not be getting the whole story here, but it looks to me like this guy is guilty of nothing other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  6. If having a chainsaw and a pick in your vehicle is against the law about 80%of the people I work with would be in jail. Not as many carry a cross bow to work but there is a few.