Manitoba hospital's obese patients require special gear -

Manitoba hospital’s obese patients require special gear

Patient from northern villages weighing in at over 400 lbs


A community health assessment report on Manitoba’s northern Burntwood and Churchill regions found that an alarming 72 per cent of residents were considered overweight or obese in 2008, well above the Manitoba average of 55 per cent. The result for the region’s Thompson General Hospital: an urgent order for special equipment to accommodate people who weigh more than 400 pounds. The provincial health department approved $42,900 for a bed with a scale, a special mattress, a trapeze to help lift patients and a wheelchair that can fold out into a stretcher. Obesity is a growing concern in particular among northern First Nations, where Type 2 diabetes affects 50 per cent of residents in places such as Island Lake, Man. The Thompson hospital serves a number of native communities.

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Manitoba hospital’s obese patients require special gear

  1. Jeez, what in the hell is wrong with people to let themselves get so fat? The government is just enabling the bad behaviours by spending crazy amounts of money to accomodate these basket cases. This is just one of many things we cannot afford to do.

    • I was hoping you were not a fellow Canadian but alas we do have to claim you as one of our own given your moniker and all. You do prove one point though. Prejudism against overweight people is for some reason acceptable in our society while we are disgusted with other forms of bigotry. Do you also believe the government is enabling smokers by providing oxygen for those with COPD? Should we stop treating those basket cases with lung cancer and heart disease? Just what the hell is wrong with those people who let themselves drive without buckling up or who go over the speed limit and get in car crashes. The government is just enabling the bad behaviors by spending crazy amounts of money on rehabilitation for brain injuries. I could go on but I think you get the picture. Then there is alcohol and drug abuse. Don't get me started…

      • @ Healthcare Insider
        Yes, I am a fellow Canadian. And I have a problem with people who through their behaviour, get avoidable diseases or bad consequences that result in costs to the tax payers. Obese people a prime example(diabetes, heart disease, knee replacements), smokers who get lung cancer, drug addicts who need treatment for a host of self inflicted heath problems, drunks who kill others in car accidents, none of these get any sympathy from me.

        I am not against treatment for victims of mental illness, or victims of the bad behaviours of others such as second smoke, nor bad genetics. Smokers, drug addicts, drunks and obese people just turn my crank. They need to get a grip and stop whinning about being discriminated against. What a laugh. Society can't afford the results of their indulgent behaviour. Don't you get me started.

        • As said by a person that fortunately is in good health…..lots of us aren't that fortunate………

          • @ Truenorth
            Again, let me make myself clear, I am only peeved at those whose health problems are self inflicted and who willfully refuse to implement ways to combat the problems.

            I had a health problem, high Blood pressure, it was not rocket science why, though I was not obese, I was almost 30 lbs overweight(close to being technically obese) and was heedlesss of my diet especially salt intake so after losing the 30 lbs and controlling my salt at below the recommended Canada Food Guide max of 2300 mg of sodium/day and incorporating an excercise program, I was able to get off the BP pills. I know people who are obese and who have close relatives with diabetes and now have pre-diabetes conditions and STILL fail to wake up and smell the coffee. They could avoid or at least delay the onset of diabetes by eating better, get some excercise and lose weight. But Nooooooo!!! That would take willpower and self disclipine. This all inflicts needless expense on the health care system that is going to collapse due to such issues.

            Now, is there anything I just wrote that is debatable?