Manitoba seeks to seize home where sexual assault happened

Property forfeiture law was previously against drug dealers


The idea of authorities seeking to seize the cars and houses of drug dealers and criminal gangs is familiar enough. In Manitoba, for example, the province’s criminal property forfeiture unit made headlines last spring by taking control of a Hells Angels clubhouse. But now the unit is going to
court to try to take the Winnipeg home of a soccer coach who allegedly abused a preteen girl. It’s the first such attempt under the province’s Criminal Property Forfeiture Act, previously used to grab the
asset of marijuana growers and other profit-seeking criminals. The head of the unit says the soccer coach has used his house in a crime, and therefore shouldn’t expect to keep it. The man hasn’t been tried yet on the criminal charges and his name isn’t being used in news reports.

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Manitoba seeks to seize home where sexual assault happened

  1. While I absolutely detest child abuse and rape of minors, I see this legal prescident as a danger to Democracy and honest law abiding citizens!

    It has been stated that, this case has not been tried and there has been no establishment of whether the accused soccer coach is guilty or not guilty!

    • nobody in Manitoba is ever guilty!!!!under the NDP.

  2. It was also stated that, the Civic courts would be able to seize the property, before a verdict has been determined! This seems like a very Draconian illegal law, that would punish before guilt has been established?

    The other legal issue that is concerning on this matter is – Is this man the sole owner of this property? Is he a married man?

  3. If his wife or someone else has ownership in this house, Why or how would this serve justice to to seize property, that belongs to people who have had no part of the illegal activity what so ever?

    Possibly this is not the situation in this case however, it could be the case in other infractions!

    This law could also be used to perform fraud, for instance if someone had a liking for a property and the owner did not wish to sell – a shady character could then set this owner up and claim such a crime occured, in order to acquire the property!

    This kind of law sounds like Globalist, Mafia style law to me!

  4. On the other hand if this man is guilty of sexual abuse and assult on a minor, I would want to see this man incarcerated with a life sentence!

    This property theft is simply a way for shady Governments and Greedy Civil servants to profit from crimes inside the Province!

    Sounds like a Socialist style law that makes stealing legal for the State to me.

    A real democracy should judge a defendant, "Not Guilty', until "Proven Guilty"!

  5. TYPO: On the other hand if this man is guilty of sexual abuse and assault on a minor, I would want to see this man incarcerated with a life sentence!

  6. This is absolutely outrageous and I find it sickening that more people are not screaming for the removal of Gord Schumacher, Manitoba Director of Criminal Property and Forfeiture.

    The law granting permission to the govnernment to seize property was drafted to prevent criminals from profiting financially from the proceeds of their crimes. What in this case justifies the application of this law? Nothing! Where is the financial gain that was acquired illegally, huh?

    What are the consequences if the government can step in and seize your property (house, car) for ANY crime, not just crimes where there is illegal financial gain? Will the government of the day seize and dispose of your car if you are caught speeding? Before being proven guilty in a court of law? And like another poster says, will the government seize your shoes for jaywalking? Which makes about as much sense as what the Manitoba government is attempting to do in this case. Where does it end?

  7. The suspect has yet to be convicted of the sexual assault of a minor charge, and if found guilty will serve jail time. So, why is the Manitoba government taking the additional step of going after the man's home even before he has been proven guilty of the charge? Gord Schumacher would like us to believe that the government of Manitoba is entitled to the man's house because it was an "instrument" used in the crime. This pronouncement, again, before the man was proven guilty in a court of law. It appears the government of Manitoba, through Gord Schumacher, is putting itself above the law; they operate on a different level that says that they can do to you whatever they please. Doesn't sound like a democracy to me, where the government is in place to serve the people, not the other way around.

  8. No, the real reason that Gord Schumacher and the Manitoba provincial government has eyes on seizing this man's house is because they are greedy and need the money; because they are inept at managing government finances and have to search for new revenue streams wherever they can. The fact that this man has been charged (but not convicted yet) with a crime makes him a likely candidate to help replenish the Manitoba government's coffers.

  9. Gord Schumacher and the Manitoba government are going too far with the application of this law. Way too dangerously far. If they really wanted to remove the instrument of the crime so that it would send a message to others, they would 1) wait for a conviction, and 2) seize his winky. That would fit the crime, but I guess they wouldn't get the same money for it.

  10. Terrible decision by the manitoba gov to seize this property, this house was not bought with any proceeds of crime, blatant cash grab by the NDP socialists, dangerous slippery slope for democracy.

  11. Typical socialist NDP behaviour – "we know better than you, and we will expropriate your property for our purposes".

  12. hell i am happy i dont live in manitoba , what a wakeup to find that not all canadian provinces are democratic

    • It is a piece of legislation passed in the legislature, by elected MLAs. You may disagree with it, I personally think it is a slippery slope when you actually read the legislation, but it was done democratically.

  13. hard to believe all these people are supporting the accused. Probably wouldn't feel this way if it was their daughter or girlfriend or wife

    • AYOH: not supporting the accused so much as supporting democracy and the rule of law which (should) say "innocent till proven guilty". If the accused is found guilty, then let him pay his debt to society as is specified in the Criminal Code of Canada. Expropriating his property for government purposes is a dangerous slippery slope, even more so before he is found guilty in a court of law. If you don't believe that the rule of law should be paramount over government fiat, then go live in some third world country instead of Canada.

    • I think you're reading this the wrong way. This legislation is typically used to take property which was purchased or essential to the crime that is alleged, or crime generally. A house that both he and his wife are co-owners of, his wife had no idea of his involvement, is very very very much pushing the limits of this legislation. That is why he is being defended.

  14. next thing they'll take your shoes for jaywalking

    • Well if this person is found guilty of abusing this pre-teen girl, I think they should not only take his property, they should take his '''Personal Belongings "" Also..Lucky for him we live in a civilized society….just saying…..

    • who would be opposed to punishing a sexual crime against a child?

  15. Time to get rid of our communist regime and burocratts in Manitoba . We need new government that can actually focus on creating employment not creating more rats and leaches employed by them . We also need a conservative govn't that will focus on more moral law and issues and punish child molesters and skinners , thieves etc. with jail time and lashing them or putting them up in strict work camps this is insane this man deserves punishment if convicted but he should not lose his home as he did not profit from his alleged crime or used the house to do so . I think it is time to wake up Manitoban's and realize just how many freedom and rights we are losing not to mention poor services under the NDP communists