Manny not being Manny


It’s hard to say which is more entertaining: watching Manny Ramirez smack a baseball over the fence, or watching him watch his home runs sail over the fence. One thing is certain, though. The man can hit. And hit and hit.

Yet this season, the Boston Red Sox slugger seems to have found something else in his locker: a glove. Check out the snag below (extra style points for the high five!) It’s not his first highlight-reel catch of 2008. Maybe Ramirez wasn’t just “being Manny” when he told a reporter this week he deserves some Gold Glove consideration.

By the way, when did Manny Ramirez start talking to journalists? Must have been this New Yorker article, which, for the record, is even better than that catch…

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Manny not being Manny

  1. There’s nothing more fun than watching athletes who seem to enjoy what they do for a living. That’s what makes Manny great. He’s a like a kid having fun out there, and it makes him a lot of fun to watch.
    Catrast that with Barry Bonds. I couldn’t stand Bonds – not because of the steroid stuff – but because he seemed like a sour jerk every time he stepped on the field.

  2. Barry would schmack one and trot out to left field waving to us and then he’d strike out with runners on and we’d cat-call him and he’d take outfield from the shortstop between innings. You know, a ballplayer. Don’t be hatin’.

  3. Does anybody remember a guy named Reggie Jackson? He was the master of loving “his shot” a little too much. He was charismatic, cocky and funny which led to being a fan favorite. Manny is very fun to watch but he is no Reggie. Will there ever be another Reggie?

  4. I can’t help it Howdy. My love of sports is inextricably linked to my hate. They are yin and yang. Can’t have one without the other etc.
    (Yes, I’m seeking therapy in that regard.)

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