Manny Ramirez to play for the Blue Jays?


I’ve heard a lot of crazy rumours in my time when it comes to Toronto’s sports teams. There was the one about Gretzky signing a deal to play for the Leafs in the mid-90s, and now it appears that a few “insiders” are predicting that the Blue Jays might actually pursue Manny Ramirez this off-season. Manny would greatly help a lackluster Blue Jays offence, but at a price tag of somewhere in the neighbourhood of $25 million per season, this rumour seems about as likely to become a reality as Wayne Rooney leaving Manchester United to play for Toronto FC.


Manny Ramirez to play for the Blue Jays?

  1. The odds are probably just as slim, but I’d much rather they go after Teixeira. The guy is an RBI machine. In other words, he’s the opposite of Lyle Overbay.

  2. I would rather see the Blue Jays give up a World Series without Manny than win one with him.

  3. Going after Manny would be the best thing for the Jays to do this off-season. His presence in the middle of the order would instantly give the Jays the offensive boost they need, just look at his lifetime numbers in the Rogers Skydome-center, he loves hitting there. Also, Ramirez’s media attention would take the pressure off the pitching staff, allowing them to do their jobs without worrying about redundant questions from the less than amiable Toronto media.
    Let Manny be Manny in a Jays uniform J.P. He would protect Wells in the lineup, give the team instant playoff credentials (not the “this could be their year” bafflegab we’ve been prone to as fans in the past), and he knows the Red Sox inside and out, an asset worth every penny as we play them twenty plus times a year.
    So Uncle Ted, we know you’ve been generous before but please open the purse strings. It could be our only chance at a Series contenders any time soon. Time is something that the Jays are running out of, and its running faster than the patience of the fans who have ridden the Blue Jays rollercoatser during the Ash-Riccardi era.

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