Mano Solo is dead


Judging by his lyrical obsession with death and drug abuse, Mano Solo probably lasted longer than he ever expected. It’s hard to say the world is a darker place without him—Solo could make Nick Cave seem downright chipper—but it has definitely lost one of the greatest voices to come out of France in decades. Solo would have turned 47 in April.

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Mano Solo is dead

  1. Thank you for posting this. I have a fair knowledge of music from France and yet somehow I had never heard of Mano Solo.

    He sounded great and it is a real loss.

    With Lhasa and Hayden Neale here in Canada there has been a real loss of of some great young talent of recent.

  2. My husband is from France but had not heard of him until yesterday. It was reported on TV5. I believe they said he had HIV but died of a stroke? I was a big fan of many older French singers.

  3. He apparently died of "multiple aneurisms." And yeah, Solo had AIDS.

  4. Hey,

    Mano Solo is quite well-known in France and he is a modern romantic poet.
    And as a romantic, tragic, he speak with beauty about a life.
    I wouldn't compare him to Cave and would think his songs are more about
    hope to see something better coming than sadness.
    And that what I think is happening: his album are more and more positive with the time.

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