Marc Emery headed for U.S. prison

Famed “Prince of Pot” activist will serve five-year term


Famous marijuana activist Marc Emery is on his way to the U.S. to serve a five-year prison term after selling marijuana seeds by post to American customers, the CBC reports. According to his wife Jodie, Emery was driven from a Vancouver jail to the U.S. border and handed over to authorities. A rally is planned in protest, she said. Emery was arrested in 2005 for allegedly selling seeds over the Internet to U.S. residents, and made an agreement with American prosecutors last year that he’d plead guilty to one charge of drug distribution for a five-year sentence.

CBC News

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Marc Emery headed for U.S. prison

  1. I'm sad and angry.
    Selling seeds is not illegal in Canada AND the Canadian government accepted tax money off the sale of these seeds.
    Shame on the Canadian Government for allowing this extradition.

    • I totally agree with you, but I feel ashamed of myself for not feeling strong enough to speak out publicly about how I feel. But I feel terrible that Marc Emery is going to jail. Seeds are just seeds. He's a smart tax-paying Canadian businessman and I feel terrible about this.

    • i also agree. he filed his taxes legally.
      sooo, canada scoops up the tax revenue, then bends over for united alchoholcigarettespharmastates..

  2. He isn't in jail for breaking Canadian law. He's there for knowingly breaking US law.

    • But shouldn't the people who bought the seeds get arrested in the U.S. rather than the person who sold them? If a gun supplier sold guns to someone where they were illegal, the person who bought the gun would be arrested, not the company who made the gun

  3. I agree with the above poster. Marc is getting railroaded.

  4. Marc paid tax on the proceeds of seed sales. Does that not make the Canadian government an accessory to the crime. Or does it just make them hypocrites. Not willing to charge him in Canada…..send him to the USA. Marc conducted all his business on Canadian soil. WTF. At a time when California will have a vote on the legalization of Marijuana we will site back and Marc be a martyr?? This world has gone mad. Reefermadness must be true….and we are experiencing it now.

    • this is Canada today. support for israel's occupation, free travel for war criminals- Bush
      and sending citizens to da united states at a stern look from the south..

    • About 25+ years ago we grew some plants in our 3 level TH condo. I was into gardening- houseplants and outdoor ones as well and started lots of seeds. Mom came to visit and admired some of our indoor plants. :-) At the time I had long ago ceased smoking anything other than cigarettes.. DH had a few plants in his office on the 3rd level. One morning hubby called me at the office to say we had a fire in the house and I should get home pronto. Firemen came in, checked all the rooms. One of them looked inside hubby's office, saw a few plants and called to the others that all was clear. :-) We actually had a fair amount of damage in the house. We attributed it to alluminium wiring. DH still tokes but only takes a couple of puffs when he can't sleep. And then he sleeps like a baby. In 25+ years I've never seen him 'smoke' with others.or get high. Thirty years ago I tried hash oil and some Columbian. Freeked me out and never tried it again.

      • Heh, good on the fire fighter, showed some sense!

  5. What an excellent use of American taxpayers' money.

  6. I'm very annoyed with the present continuation of the "war on drugs" as it now seems to be the way to distract the zeitgeist from the focusing on matters of greater import.The metaphor needs work as i would rather have a "war on rubics". We are not advancing the way our species must should we wish to "growup"and the cow-towing to the American D.E.A. is hazardous to Canadian political discourse.Why do we Canadians so willingly wish to pickup on all the failings of the American Empire??? The sad truth is,"drug use is a symptom of the human condition not a cause of the human condition",so good night and good luck.

  7. Don't they have much bigger fish to fry??? I knew Marc when he was a kid in London Ont and I find it a shame that he has to spent 5 years for such a trivial thing,I don't use it but it should have been legal a long time ago!!! Look at what the casino's and alcohol have done to people over the years???

  8. sounds like a bunch of pot smoking liberals.

  9. Absolutely ridiculous. How can the Canadian Government allow this to happen? Allowing a Canadian citizen to be put in jail in the USA, when he would not be prosecuted in Canada is insane! This sets bad precedence.


      • Maybe if he actually comitted a crime on Canadian soil. The point is not that it is illegal in the states, he is a Canadian citizen he has no obligation to follow the laws of a country he is not a citizen of and he does not live in.

        • by that logic we had no right to arrest those Spanish fishermen.

          • They weren't in Spain, Spain did not arrest them or extradite them to us.
            We arrested Emery for committing no crime on our soil. Bit of a difference.

  10. crime? yeah right

  11. Marijuana should not be illegal in any country.

    The War on Drugs has been going on for over 40 years now. And it has not stopped people from using drugs. It has, however, destroyed the lives of otherwise law-abiding, peaceful and productive members of society on both sides of the border.

    The Drug War has fueled Mexican drug cartels. People cannot grow their own for fear of stiffer penalties, so instead they buy it-and guess who is selling?

    Canada should cease to be the lapdog of the United States' DEA. Haven't you people any sense of pride or shame? Must you act like a colony of the US on everything? Are you a sovereign country, or just the 51st state? Or worse, some backwater colony willing to jump to its feet the minute your masters in Washington blow the dog whistle?

  12. It is not the weed that has destroyed lives—it is the black market criminal trafficking. IF the US DEA had any intelligence, marijuana would be legalized. The US would be able to grow more than enough for its own use and there would NOT be any need for cross-border smuggling and huge illegal grow-ops. The price would drop to next to nothing and would not be a viable business for criminals. Unfortunately intelligence is NOT a US DEA necessity. There must be something VERY wrong in the GREAT AMERICAN SOCIETY that its citizens so desperately need drugs to survive. The American Imperial Empire just cannot let any country be sovereign—it needs to manipulate and control politicians in every country. I guess the US would rather let the criminals make huge profits from marijuana and other drugs than legalize marijuana and take the profit out of the hands of the criminal element. So sad that Harper and GANG have ceded our sovereignty to a foreign "pack of crooks" ! ! Self-righteous Harper is just too consumed with playing King to see reality.

    • thing is, he's quite less than a king. he's d.c.'s bumboy..

  13. They won't be able to shut him up, though. Emory is going to be an even bigger pain from the inside, to say nothing about once he gets out.

    On the other side of five years Marc will have even more of a fire in his belly and street cred to burn.

  14. He was busted for selling SEEDS. Not even pot. A successful tax paying Canadian businessman and we're going to send him to jail in America?

    Is that because our values are the same as theirs?

    Free Marc.

  15. i might've been sympathetic until i saw his wife on the CBC yesterday.

  16. i hate hippies.

  17. Good ridance to garbage! He knowingly broke the law in 2 countries. Let him try his "in your face" moves in the US jail and see how far he gets.

    • Just because a law exists, doesn't mean its a just law.

      • It's a basic, underlying rule of civil democracies that follow the rule of law that you can't pick and choose which laws you want to follow.

        It's on the books, just or not. And he was well aware of that, I'm sure.

        • Yah that would be true if he actually broke canadian law… but he didn't (he even paid taxes and had a business license). Selling marijuana seeds is perfectly legal in canada and europe and lots of other seedbanks sell seeds to the us. But Marc's the only one who's serving prison time and since he didn't break canadian law, so its become a sovereignty issue.

        • You should obey a law because it is a law? Where would the world be if it weren't for people breaking unjust laws?

    • He did not break the law in the country in which he conducted legitimate business by selling marijuana seeds. And why would you call him garbage? Because he sold marijuana seeds legally and paid taxes to the CANADIAN government which helped his extradition to the U.S. so he can be put in jail? I am appaled by your comment on this forum as this clearly indicates that you know nothing about marijuana and Marc Emery. I conclude that you lack intelligence to actually back up your insult. If you say that he is garbage, I cannot think of a word to describe what YOU are.

  18. I think it is absolutely asinine to put responsible pot smokers in cages.

  19. This could only happen under a conservative government, I am soooooo happy I left Canada when I did, just after the conservatives won the election, and I will not be back until the American lackeys are back in their proper place, out of office. The reason these laws exist is that the privatized American prisons don't want the expense of dangerous criminal clients, they want calm, normal, honest pot smokers for prisoners.
    The USA will never change these laws, ask Nixon, he invented this situation. The audio tapes are online for anyone to 'hear' the proof. It is his revenge for those damn pot smoking hippies that ruined the immensely profitable Vietnam war.
    Marc, you are far more brave than I could ever be, I will never set foot in the USA, or even fly over it's airspace. They are not worthy of my presence or my dollars.

  20. Good riddance to bad rubbish…and Canada is not paying his room and board. No one is above the law anywhere, although had he committed the offense against a Canadian law, he would probably have avoided even a slap on the hand, not so in the US!

  21. Marijuana will most likely be legalized in California this November, and as goes California goes the nation …if America is going broke why would they not want to bring in revenue and save on court and prison costs …our government already makes money off of gambling, alcohol, cigarettes, and taxes from pornography and escort services …marijuana will be next ..the biggest "criminals" i guess are the governments

  22. Canada and the U.S. need to take a look at legalizing marijuana more seriously. Lets face it, we have bigger problems that just selling pot seeds. Not to metion that both countries should be concentrating more on stopping the crystal meth, cocaine, and crack distrubution rather that wasting time and taxpayers dollars on a small Canadian who is only selling the MEANS to grow a NATURAL stimulant. For pete sake, alchohol is more dangerous than marijuana. It's simple 1) Legalize 2) Tax Recreational Purchases (like cigarettes. If they want it, they'll pay it.) 3) Regulate & Monitor. 4) Use the taxes from the sales to fight the REAL drugs, you know the ONES THAT ARE KILLING OUR CHILDEN!

    • Normally I'm not a fan of 'Won't somebody please think of the children!?!' melodrama, but this may actually be a place where it applies.

  23. I used to think that legalizing Marijuana is the way to go. After speaking to someone who has used this drug, I am having second thought and still thinking. As he explained it, If you legalize Marijuana, gangs would still be there and in big numbers manufacturing, distributing, and selling hard core drugs. He said Marijuana is just an entry drug and at the current scheme of things is the bottom and least income making drug for gangs. What it does is entice people getting into hard core drugs. As its smell and taste is a little bit offensive, many of drug addicts has not much choice but to branch up to higher drugs with higher highs and less offensive after taste and smell. He said there is a current push among gangs to legalize Marijuana as it would welcome more users (youngs) for other hard core drugs. If the reason of legalizing Marijuana is to eliminate drug cartels and gangs, he said that is very misleading and will never happen as the hard core drugs are the most making money for gangs and which any government would be crazy to even consider intto legalizing. Coming from a drug user with children, he said it is a mistake to encourage legalizing Marijuana, and this really got me thinking and thinking some more.

  24. LEGALIZE POT! the sales taxes alone would pay for medicare.

  25. narc emmeroid ripped a lot of people off for an "activist"


  26. Fat americans full of prescription drugs and liquor hate free thinking, positive and culturally evolved people so they call them "junkies".
    Their small penus does the rest, so they have gathered a huge bunch of their similars, shaved their heads, dressed them all the same, overfed them with donuts and junk food and created the "war on drugs".

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