Mario Dumont's election troubles could be over forever -

Mario Dumont’s election troubles could be over forever


DUMONT-SPEECHOver at the Globe, Lawerence Martin has assembled a list of prospective (unelected) candidates Harper might choose for Canada’s vaunted chamber of anti-democracy. The only Quebecer who makes the grade is Mario Dumont: “Mr. Harper needs allies from Quebec, and Mr. Dumont knows the terrain. The PM might even elevate him to a cabinet perch.”

I’m a little baffled by the ROC’s insistence that Dumont somehow knows Quebec better than, say, Mulroney’s folks. The Tories should, in theory, have a fairly healthy institutional understanding of Quebec. That they’ve tossed it away by focusing on ADQ voters shows just how disconnected the Conservatives have become from the province. Dumont’s troops, you’ll remember, ran the Tory campaign during the last federal election and delivered… one less seat than the Tories had going in.

But I’m getting away from my main point here, which is simply that it’s amusing to think Dumont, who’s party spent a grand total of a year-and-a-half with official party status in Quebec, might somehow have earned a spot in the Red Chamber simply by virtue of being (a) from Quebec, (b) soon-to-be unemployed, and (c) not a separatist (anymore). You’d think that criteria would qualify more than one Quebecer to make Martin’s list.


Mario Dumont’s election troubles could be over forever

  1. For those of us who venture outside the Island of Montreal, it’s pretty clear that Mario Dumont has a large and pretty solid personal constituency. The ADQ was a disaster, but that’s because he couldn’t do it all by himself.

    • The word “disaster” is overboard.

      It is not a disaster to reaach the level of official opposition, and to garner 30% of the votes (election before last). The last election was a disaster, but the ADQ as a whole was an amazing success. Dumont showed unbelievable skill to bring that party from nothing to the official opposition.

      Still, I’m not so sure that he is a good choice for the senate.

  2. The guy’s a small-c conservative, living proof that there is such a constituency in La belle province. He’s been a breath of fresh air in a province in desparate need of a reality check. Not all Quebecers are out of touch maoists like Gilles Duceppe.

    He seems a little young to be appointed to the Senate mind you. If the Conservatives got him to run in the next election, that would be a coup for them.

  3. With all due respect to Lawrence Martin,

    What the hell does Lawrence Martin know?

  4. I am somewhat surprized to read here that Mario Dumont who got 16.4% of Quebecers votes last election (less than Stéphane Dion’s 23.8% of Quebec vote at the last federal election) has a “large and pretty solid personal constituency” and is an “amazing success”!

    Care to explain?

  5. 16.4% is a significantly larger fraction than that of anglophones in Quebec: 10% or so.

    Shall we make disparaging noises about what a stupid idea it would be for such a marginalised group to be represented in the Senate?

  6. If the 16,4% of Quebecers who voted ADQ justify Dumont to be appointed to the Senate, what about the 38% who voted for the Bloc québécois?