Maritime ski hills hold off on making helmets mandatory

There are no helmets that meet CSA specifications on the market yet


Almost a year after actress Natasha Richardson died as a result of a head injury she endured while skiing in Mont Tremblant, ski hills in Atlantic Canada are holding off on making helmet-wearing mandatory. The reason, says provincial parks manager Shane Arbing, is that although the Canadian Standards Association issued specifications for ski and snowboard helmets in the wake of Richardson’s death (she was not wearing a helmet when she fell), there are no models that meet the standard on the market—which could have something to with the fact there are no laws that require helmet manufacturers to meet CSA standards. Anthony Todderin, a senior media relations officer with CSA, says he’s hopeful that CSA-approved helmets, which he says offer “better protection,” will be available soon.


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Maritime ski hills hold off on making helmets mandatory

  1. So if there were a CSA approved helmet, helmet use would be mandated.

    No science, no analysis, no evidence of a particular problem- just a single anecdote about a celebrity with a fragile cranium.

    Pathetic nanny statism again.

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