Mark Carney earns $1.4-million salary, take the Tube to work


Mark Carney may be the highest paid central banker in the world with a salary of $1.4 million, the first-ever non-Briton to run the Bank of England in its 319-year history and the “Don Draper of banking” (as one pundit described him), but the 48-year-old Canadian isn’t all about the money.

In his first day on the job, Carney made his morning commute to work by taking the London subway.

The former governor of the Bank of Canada may impress locals with his choice of transportation, but if he can’t turn around a struggling British economy that grew only 0.3 per cent in the first quarter of this year, compared to the previous quarter, all the hype and expectation surrounding him may go down the Tube.


Mark Carney earns $1.4-million salary, take the Tube to work

  1. Even less impressive is his wife who wants to ban teabags.

  2. Mark Carney is someone who has value in the real world of economics.
    Mark Carney EARNED his position.


    All top positions should always go to people who EARN them.
    Congratulations to Mark Carney and the Bank of England.

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