Markets in everything: Zoorotica


With a nod to Tyler Cowen, Michigan zoo is charging people come watch the animals  have sex. It’s sold out. 

via drudge, of course.

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Markets in everything: Zoorotica

  1. Thanks for the link, Andrew. You have enriched my life immeasurably.

    On a more serious note, welcome back from your week-long blogging hiatus. I’m a fan of your blog and I like almost all of your Maclean’s work, with the possible exception of your recent Canada-US integration column.

    • I agree about blogging, I think i said quality over quantity on a post of yours a while ago, but I was mistaken.

  2. Where and how do I pay to not have to watch the animals have sex?

    • For the low, low price of $29.99 / hour you can pay me to show you clips of animals not having sex.

  3. We had an orb weaver spider living outside our kitchen window. She was big and black. During the day, her web devoured, she slept out of sight. At night she was on the outside of our glass, herself and her web fully illuminated. One night we noticed the small male. We saw his dance, his front legs tapping on her web. We saw, we felt, his message, so delicately stated, and we saw her response.

    • I think I speak for everyone when I say: gross.

      • Actually, I found truemuse’s description of spider sex quite poetic. Well done.

      • That’s hot.

    • So it turns out her response was “not today, maybe tomorrow”.

      • “Not tonight dear, I have a cephalothorax ache”

  4. Please tell me there isn’t a private room or a VIP club…

  5. Does the viewing area have a liquor license? If so I’d be very careful before ordering a Moosehead

    • Ok that’s funny.

  6. What can you say but Sex Sells! irrespective of species … Hey don’t forget the inanimate objects or come to think of it the new virtual suits you can put on then hook up over the internet and ooh boy what a buzz on those electrodes – as you zap your virtual partner (sort of reminds me of a Simpson’s episode – the one with the zappers that they zapped each other to get a big screen tv)

  7. For an additional small charge ….. lap dance with the lioness Ludmilla ?

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