Marois says Quebec Liberals 'completely isolated' on opposition to charter -

Marois says Quebec Liberals ‘completely isolated’ on opposition to charter


MONTREAL – Quebec Premier Pauline Marois is taking aim at the Quebec Liberals over their opposition to her government’s proposed values charter.

Marois says the opposition party is, in her words, “completely isolated” on the issue.

She says the Parti Quebecois’ proposed law would give the province a framework so that people from different backgrounds can live in harmony.

The opposition Coalition party, which holds the balance in the minority legislature, has said it’s open to discussions.

The legislation introduced Thursday includes a plan to ban public sector employees from wearing overtly religious clothing.

The PQ is threatening to trigger an election over the issue by making votes on the legislation a matter of confidence.

In a speech Saturday at the PQ convention in Montreal, the premier also hinted at the limits of the PQ’s power in a minority situation.

She said the Liberal opposition has made it difficult to pass through new laws related to mining, economic development and protecting the French language.

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Marois says Quebec Liberals ‘completely isolated’ on opposition to charter

  1. The number of people who hold or approve of an opinion makes no difference to the morality or ethics of that opinion. I’d rather be an isolated angel than part of a mob of Nazis.

    • I second that.

  2. What morals do we have in canada to accept islamic courts in ontario. Where I know of 3 that exists. And the cases are very shocking … there are no protection for women in islamic courts….. we want to protect women rights in quebec and freedom of religion is an excuse for islamic males to practice there domenince on women… and using freedom of religion to ignore women rights… they contradict each other… how can we have both… its pathetic that no one notices it, but women and people who have common sence…