Marois to pursue a strong, sovereigntist agenda -

Marois to pursue a strong, sovereigntist agenda


Quebec Premier Pauline Marois may have a minority government, but she has an ambitious separatist agenda, the Globe and Mail reports.

“My government is sovereigntist,” she told reporters in Quebec City. “Remaining a province of Canada constitutes a risk. … We have the firm conviction that the future of Quebec is to become a sovereign country.”

She says her goal for her first term is to firmly establish the limitations of Quebec’s provincial status within Canada, so better articulate why Quebec needs to be a sovereign nation. The PQ will also be promoting sovereignty abroad, as well as establishing its credentials as responsible managers of the economy by balancing the budget while abolishing the health tax and eliminating the controversial university tuition fee hikes.

While few analysts expect the minority government to last more than two years, Marois is looking to put her government in a strong place to form a majority in the next election.

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Marois to pursue a strong, sovereigntist agenda

  1. Congratulation Quebec, you picked a leader that’s top priority is serperatism. Big problems like education, the economy, and health care will take a back seat

  2. In light of the Quebec election result, here’s 2 ways to save a lot of money really fast:

    1) Privatize the CBC whose French language service (Societe Radio Canada) is nothing but a separatist nest that supports the PQ at every opportunity. e.g. “reporter” Pierre Duchesne, just elected for the PQ, working for CBC until a few months ago.

    2) Stop harassing competent Federal public servants by putting their jobs on the line just because they can’t speak French well enough.

    BTW, does everyone know that the leaders of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) endorsed the PQ? When do the treason trials begin? At the very least, PSAC has shown itself to be a threat to the existence of Canada and should be banned from Ottawa.

  3. Marois is an example of Quebec’s sorry condition. If she ultimately convinces Quebec people(which I strongly doubt) to separate then I say good riddance as long as they pay off their national debt before they go. They don’t understand that the wall they want to build has 2 sides. They can’t run themselves as a successful province never mind a nation.

  4. If she loses the price should be her return to France…then guillotine.