Martin Cauchon, you're not alone -

Martin Cauchon, you’re not alone


chapleaucoderreafghanistan1Hélène Buzzetti has the scoop: “According to information gathered by Le Devoir, four Quebec Liberal MPs are being asked by Denis Coderre to leave politics and hand over their safe seats to a star candidate.”

They are: Bernard Patry (Pierrefonds-Dollars), Raymonde Folco (Laval-Les Îles), and Lise Zarac (LaSalle-Émard). Not exactly household names to those who don’t follow federal politics. The real kicker, though, is the last name on the Coderre hitlist: Stéphane Dion.

Of course, it seems doubtful Ignatieff would install Dion in some sort of leading role should the Liberals win the next election, so shedding him isn’t a huge problem as far as the party’s starting lineup is concerned. Neither are the three others for that matter. (Booting Cauchon, on the other hand, may be a riskier proposition.) Still, there’s something unseemly about letting an overgrown Young Liberal like Denis Coderre do the housecleaning—especially when it comes to showing a former party leader the door. You’d think Ignatieff could find a moment to do that himself.

The widespread thinking is that Coderre wants to install a bunch of yes-(wo)men who’ll do his bidding when he decides to take a run at Ignatieff’s job. (Shudder.) With friends like Coderre, Ignatieff hardly needs enemies.


Martin Cauchon, you’re not alone

  1. "Of course, it seems doubtful Ignatieff would install Dion in some sort of leading role should the Liberals win the next election"

    Let's not forget that Pablo Rodrigues tried to make a move against M. Dion in 2005 and had to pull back. Since then Paul Martin has said his biggest mistake was listening to such luminaries as Messrs. Rodrigues and Coderre and Jean Lapierrenot and not naming Stépahen Dion to his first cabinet.

    All the haters out there who love to spend their time ridiculing M. Dion will probably never even come close to contributing 1/10 of 1% of what he has to this country. They are the ones who need to step out of the public sphere.

    • That was Jean Lapierre in 2005, through the proxy of the candidate he briefly put up, Pierre Ahmaranian.

    • I agree CAPS. Not including Dion in the next Federal Cabinet would be stupid. He's one of the most experienced Cabinet Ministers left in the Liberal Caucus. His leadership was a disappointment, but so is Ignatieff's. We'll see how much better Ignatieff does in an election.

      The Liberals never learn from their mistakes. Remember all the sitting MPs that Paul Martin forced out – David Anderson, Sheila Copps, etc. their seats went to the NDP and have remained with them since. Going against the wishes of the riding adminstration means you aren't going to have much of an organization on the ground to win the riding, "star candidate" or not.

  2. If people are interested in web forum posts – check out CBC right now and check out what a lot of liberals are thinking about this back room manouvering … I somehwo get the feeling that a size 9 mouth has developed a taste for size 10 shoes (both at once) – Ouch!

  3. Why doesn't a star — Cauchon, Leprechaun, whoever — show their committment to the Liberal cause by running to take back Jeanne-Le Ber or Ahuntsic from the BQ?

  4. Remind me – did Coderre ever do a stint at Earnscliffe?

  5. Coderre will do anything to destroy the Liberal Party in Quebec.
    Good let them.

  6. Coderre is right. Dion is a great man, but the verdict was clear in october 14 2008 : he is a sinking ship. Better bump him off the island infavour of NON OLD WHITE WEALTHY MEN. If you replace Dion and others who are long in the tooth with the same ol' sh_t, you'll never renew the party, and are doomed to lose.

  7. There are a few competitive ridings Cauchon could steal from the Bloc, but this is aside from the issue. Cauchon has represented Outremont for a decade and wishes to represent it once more. there is no sitting liberal MP so it is only fair. why not send le Prohon girl to jeanne le ber instead, anyone think of that? and again that's not even the point. Who is coderre to decide the outcome of a riding 'primary' (for lack of a better word)? Coderre is the biggest drag to party fortunes in quebec, we need people like Cauchon to remind us why we want to be a part of this country's political scene. Cauchon brings out the best of liberals in Quebec and Coderre brings out the worst. Ignatieff better get his eyes checked and soon.

  8. What a nice debate, one thing that no one has the courage to mention is where was Mr. savior Cauchon during last election in Outremont, or the by-election or the election before that if he had the interest of the party at heart how come he did not help?? But now we should all cry over this non-debate and throw stones at Mr. Coderre for doing what he had to to recruit new candidates… quite hypocritical in my view. Some people forget too fast…