Mass arrests in Asia over World Cup gambling -

Mass arrests in Asia over World Cup gambling

Interpol sting nets 5,000 people in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand


Interpol have arrested 5,000 people and seized US$10 million in raids of nearly 800 illegal gambling dens across Asia whose combined business was worth over US$155 million. The gambling crackdown, called Operation Soga III, ran from June 11 to July 11 with arrests made in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Interpol’s chief of police Jean-Michel Louboutin says the Soga operations—the first and second editions took place during the two previous World Cup tournaments— have resulted in nearly 7,000 arrests and seizures of more than $26 million. It’s not clear whether or not the results matches were affected by the gambling.

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Mass arrests in Asia over World Cup gambling

  1. …one wonders if this is the only country to gamble…some people will gamble if it is to be rainy or sunny day , what is the b ig deal if it is between consenting adults? why don't they go after the sex tourism, pedophile rings and other such criminals and criminal organizations?

  2. Wow……the OLG were lucky they never got caught in this thing!
    Mind you, in their "ProLine" section, they had ALL teams listed as the
    1/9 favourite. I guess that's not really gambling, is it? More like a political contribution.
    Move along then…..nothing to see here.