Math teacher hailed as hero -

Math teacher hailed as hero

Tackles gunman outside of school


The courage and quick thinking of Dr. David Benke, a math teacher at Deer Creek Middle School in Littleton, Colorado, may have saved dozens of lives. In a terrifying scene reminiscent of the Columbine shooting that scarred the town 11 years ago, a 32 year-old gunman showed up outside of the school just as students were leaving on Tuesday. He opened fire with a hunting rifle, wounding two students before Benke could spring into action. “I noticed that it was a bolt-action rifle and I knew that after he got a shot off, I would be able to grab him before he would be able to work the action again,” Benke said. He and another teacher subdued the man until police arrived.

L.A. Times

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Math teacher hailed as hero

  1. Good thing that he kept his head and recognized what type of rifle being used. Every once in awhile knowledge of the workings of a firearm can be a good thing.

    • It's Colorado, heart of the American West. They know firearms there.

  2. Wicked cool.

    Just imagine if Benke had been carrying his own firearm…then the students would be safe even from gunmen who show up with semi-auto rifles instead of bolt-action.

  3. So if it takes the murderous maniac 3.5 seconds to work the bolt and it takes Dr. Benke 2.1 seconds to punch him in the face . . .

  4. Give the weapon to the soldier when he leaves the military, like Sweden does. That stops these maniacs dead in their tracts.