Maxine Jones “didn’t know”

The wife of Earl Jones says her husband kept her in the dark about the couple’s finances


The wife of disgraced Montreal financier Earl Jones recently gave her side of the story to lawyers overseeing the bankruptcy proceedings of Jones’ company. In short: she didn’t know much, even as hundreds of thousands of dollars flowed through her bank account every year. Ms. Jones, who recently filed for divorce from her husband, said ‘I don’t know’ 45 times in response to questions from bankruptcy lawyer Neil Stein.

Montreal Gazette

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Maxine Jones “didn’t know”

  1. This is called: Plausible Deniability. You don't ask because you already know the answer, and it is bad.

    I find it hard to believe that Mrs Jones was completely ignorant for all those years.

  2. Jones "didn't WANT to know." There. Fixed it for her.

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