Mayor of Montreal position posted on job search website


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The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal wants a mayor who will represent the business community well, and it has posted an ad on the job-search website Workopolis to find the right candidate.

That last guy, he didn’t work out so well. Former Montreal mayor Gerald Tremblay stepped down in November amid allegations of corruption coming out of the province’s Charbonneau Commission. He has since testified at the commission, saying that his party didn’t take the kickbacks that were routinely required to win construction contracts from the city.

Yes, the mayor’s base salary is $156,128, but whoever the new mayor is, he or she will have to work hard to earn that money. The job posting reads: “The position carries with it a particularly demanding context of recovery.”

What else does the board of trade want in the next Montreal mayor? Well, the following qualities would be a start:

  1. Honest
  2. A leader
  3. A man or woman of action
  4. An effective manager
  5. Focused on economic development

The job posting is part of a campaign by the board of trade to elect a business-positive mayor in the city’s next municipal election, which is scheduled for Nov. 3, 2013.

Michael Applebaum was appointed as interim mayor after Tremblay stepped down.

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Mayor of Montreal position posted on job search website

  1. Well.. good for the board of trade, I guess.
    Meanwhile, the people of Montreal might want a mayor who is focused on making the citizen’s lives better.

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