Mayor of Oshawa invites Jann Arden to visit 'middle of nowhere' -

Mayor of Oshawa invites Jann Arden to visit ‘middle of nowhere’


What does one think of when confronted with the expression, “middle of nowhere”? The blustering back country of the Canadian north, maybe—or simply a solitary speck in the midst of black emptiness.

For Jann Arden, the Juno-award winning singer-songwriter, the middle of nowhere is Oshawa, Ont., population: 150,000 (at least). She made the comment to her 38,000 Twitter followers after she was booted off a Via Rail train for carrying her dog Midi with her in the passenger car. “Via Rail you guys suck…a four pound dog in a bag and you boot me off in the middle of nowhere?” Arden tweeted. She also told the rail company to “eat my bra,” complaining that she travels with her dog on airplanes all the time, and that she wasn’t aware that Via Rail only allows service dogs to sit with their owners in the passenger car.

In the wake of Arden’s comments, Oshawa Mayor John Henry (no known relation to the “steel driving” man of folk song fame) told the Toronto Sun that he’d like to invite the singer to visit his town. “She can put her dog in my car and I’ll drive her all around the city and show her the great things here,” said Henry, adding that Oshawa is the “automotive manufacturing centre of Canada.”

This morning, he told CTV that he has mailed the singer a formal invitation to come visit. Maybe she can write a song about it.


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Mayor of Oshawa invites Jann Arden to visit ‘middle of nowhere’

  1. Arden is usually much more savvy in her remarks.  she must have been really miffed!

  2. PostMedia has reported Jann Arden elected to get off the train when presented with the option of using a Via-provided cage so her dog could ride in the pet-safe cargo area. While Ms. Arden has so far refused to apologize to Via for her remarks, she used a lengthy Facebook post to dismiss PostMedia’s report as inaccurate then methodically verified all of their facts.

  3. Funny, I just assumed this woman could read, in part what transportation companies allow in their passenger compartments.  Perhaps, she only reads music. 

    Nice voice – bad attitude.

  4. I suspect people are taking offense when none was intended. 

  5. Stars are dogs.

  6. Just ignore her.  Nonentity.