McCain In Canada


Today we hear that John McCain will speak in Canada in a few days. It is obvious McCain will indicate his support of free trade with his country’s northern neighbour. The political class will welcome his statements and Mr. McCain will clearly show a greater appreciation of Canada and its role in the world.

It seems that there will be some in Canada who will wish that Barack Obama visit Canada. It is my view that Canada is not a battleground for an American electoral campaign. Obama will instead concentrate on issues within the campaign and it’s unlikely free trade with Canada will be at the top of his agenda.

Still, while McCain will be a very sympathetic figure in terms of content, the Obama phenomenon will clearly remain an attractive consideration for the many Canadians following the race.


McCain In Canada

  1. Obama would be nuts to come here. “Canada” is already synonymous in American political discourse with crazed liberal crypto-communism, one of the anti-Obama talking points. Only McCain could come to Canada.

    FWIW, I think we have nothing to worry about NAFTA-wise with either candidate. If American business has been able to stop immigration reform (a hot button issue with the US right), they’re more than capable of stopping any move towards protectionism. And Obama knows that, I don’t doubt.

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