McClintic describes the fatal blows she inflicted upon 8-year-old in Rafferty trial


Convicted killer Terri-Lynne McClintic offered up graphic and emotional testimony Tuesday at the murder trial of Michael Rafferty, who stands accused of first degree murder, sexual assault causing bodily harm and abduction for the kidnapping and killing of 8-year-old Tori Stafford. He has pleaded not guilty.

The day culminated with McClintic’s telling of how she inflicted fatal blows to the Grade 3 student’s head with a hammer after Rafferty drove them into a field outside Guelph, Ont. According to McClintic—until now widely assumed to have been nothing more than an accomplice—she dealt the fatal blows to the 8-year-old before she and Rafferty buried the little girl’s body beneath a pile of rocks. Her testimony painted Rafferty as the conspirator and director of the crime.

Before wielding the hammer, McClintic said Rafferty sexually assaulted Stafford in the car. McClintic said she stood several feet away, and starting having “flashbacks” to the way she was treated as a child. “All the anger and hate and rage that I’d had, and blame that I’d built up towards myself, came boiling up out of me,” she told the court, adding that she felt like she had to do something. That’s when she approached Stafford, who was lying on the ground, and began kicking her, she said. Then she hit her several times with the hammer.

At that point, with the packed courtroom reportedly in shock, Justice Thomas Heeney ended the days proceedings.

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McClintic describes the fatal blows she inflicted upon 8-year-old in Rafferty trial

  1. I see she had a rough childhood. Tough. This savage animal took away a little girl’s childhood as surely as if she had raped Tori herself. Even if the poor little girl had lived, she had irreparable damage done to her with permission from Mcclintic. I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone like that gets to be a teenager without someone, somewhere, recognising the animal in her and her ‘friend’.
    We all need to weep for all children who come into contact with monsters. The monsters don’t deserve our tears.

  2.  As i am following and reading the articles on the McClintic articles I find myself thinking that this kind of behavior towards another individual child, adult, women, men, is something that should be addressed in a different manner.  As in some cultures a thief gets his hand cut off for stealing, maybe when these abusers should maybe suffer similar consequences should apply. When you ready about these cases being heard its always the same thing.  Somebody hurt me when i was small.  As an adult you have the opportunity to health care programs that can help you work through any form of issues.  If you chose not to seek help for these issues, you should not be able to use this abuse a crutch or excuse to hurt another individual.  Our laws are much to lenient when it comes to this specific situation. Claiming temporary rage, insanity and flash back is another way to manipulate our justice system.

  3. This should be a warning to us all, there are those in society who have a burning lust for our little children that defies belief, this rapist monster confessed to want a young little child because they where easy to manipulate, and she wanted the child as a sacrifice for her hatred, together they where a murdering nightmare come true….evil does exist!

  4. there is no excuse for terilyns actions but if CAS would have stepped in when they were contacted at her age from 4-9, Tori would be alive and Terrilyn would not be where she is right now. if any of you people knew her when she was little, maybe you would have a true understanding of where and how her rage was produced. Yes we should keep the children safe now but what happened to that statement 21 years ago?????

  5. Amazing somebody hasn’t shiv’d her in the joint yet.

  6. Here we have yet another horrendous child murder/rape perpetrated by a woman.  Why, after knowing what Homolka did, do we persist in thinking women cannot do such horrible crimes? 

    Look out for the children; there are those who would harm them grievously.  I

    •  Carla Homolka is a good example of sympathy for evil, she’s out sun tanning and drinking ice tea on the back porch for her up and coming wedding, while Paul Bernardo is in the basement sawing up and bagging one of (there) sexual victims for a cement grave, and some how she is all better now and living a good free life.
      It’s attitudes like this for women that allow children to suffer at the hands of evil all the while turning the other way because women are not capable or reasonable for there violent actions.
      And the suffering continues….

    • There is no doubt that women can and do commit horrendous violent crimes BUT according to stats Canada, they are only commiting about 10% of the very violent crimes and they are way more likely to be a victim of a sexual crime than to be a perpetrator of one. 

      • No, according to Stats Canada they are only convicted of 10% of the very violent crimes.  That could mean they are committing fewer crimes, or it could mean that there is systemic bias in their favour at criminal trials like this one.

        I thought you feminists were always inclined to attribute differences in gender outcomes to systemic bias rather than inherent differences between the sexes?

        • Gaunilon, you made a good point about interpreting statistics and then a stupid one about feminists. How does one go from a reasonable and critical statement to a baseless and biased assumption?  Healthcare Insider did not make any statements about his/her political alignment, or about attributions regarding gender/sex differences. 
          Stay focused on the relevant points!

          • Well, I only write on behalf of the fool, you know.  You can’t expect too much.

            As for assumptions…do you disagree that feminists generally decry attempts to attribute differences in gender outcomes to inherent differences?  For example, women statistically are underrepresented at the top levels of business, the hard sciences, mathematics, and engineering.  Some (like Lawrence Summers) suggest that this might be due to inherent differences between the sexes.  Others (like feminists) would have someone fired for suggesting such a thing – the only allowable conclusion is that women face systemic bias.  Except for when it’s an example like the underrepresentation of women in jails, of course, which can only be due inherent problems in the male psyche.

            As for whether H_I is a feminist, I know that she is from prior discussions.

            On your main point, however, I completely agree:  let’s not make baseless and biased assumptions. In fact, it’s also my main point.

        • Well, if women are only convicted of 10% and men are convicted of the rest…the ratio remains the same.  Did you ever wonder why nurses are one of the most trusted professions even though they are working with vulnerable people in a state of undress.  Did you also notice that despite nursing being overwhelmingly a profession of females, whenever a nurse is accused of sexual assault, it is pretty much always a male nurse?  I am not making it up?  Men are much more likely than women to commit violent sexual assaults; it is a fact.
          How many female serial killers do you think there have been?  Perhaps two?
          As for my being a feminist…hmm…no real self-respecting feminist would accuse me of being a feminist because I believe that women should have the right to chose their own path, including wearing a niqab if they want to; staying home with their children if they want to; cooking, cleaning and waiting on a man if they want to.  I also believe women should be realistic and make sure they are capable of looking after themselves financially when Prince Charming takes a powder.  I think I am a pragmatist more than a feminist.

  7.  I must confess that I was not able to read the entire coverage. I was shivering and I am immensely sad. I also salute the father of the little Tori. He is brave. Where does he get the courage to be there?
    I am a father of a litlle girl. I am sure that Mr. Stafford cared for the little Tori the same way I am caring for my kids. All of the sudden these two monsters came and took Tori away from him.
    On the other hand, as much as I was against the capital punishment, in this case I am calling for it. McClintic and Rafferty have no right to be among the living. All these excuses that McLintic had a rough childhood should be dismissed.

  8. This is so beyond evil, it disgusts me to be part of this human race. It is a complete farce that there should even be a trial (admitted abduction, rape and murder ). Believe me, in my world the justice would be swift and it would be deadly. There is no excuse for any society to continue to accept the devils of the world who prey on the most innocent and vulnerable. What has happened to us?????When did we stop being absolutely devasted and destroyed by these heinous acts ??? Where is the brotherhood of man?? What is it that is misunderstood?  Does anyone realize that all the children of the world are to be protected by ALL the adults of the world… I believe and live by the philosophy of non-judgement. However, when looking in the face of pure evil, one must be willing to stand up to it, take it on and bring about its end. The end is near for ALL of us otherwise, GOD willing.

  9. I don’t get that the rage McClinitic had building up was inflicted on the victim Tori instead of the perpetrator Rafferty. If she had a similar experience of abuse in her childhood as was being brutally subjected to Tori, you would think she would have tried to protect the child and not be the one to kill her. The evil that lurks in the shadows of Rafferty is very disturbing in how he was able to manipulate McClintic to do at his whim and then taking the fall for the crime that ultimately was his. If he doesn’t get charged for first degree murder too then the system has failed that innocent child who lost her life at the hands of these evil monsters. That is why we always need to keep an eye on our kids, we don’t let them walk home alone from school or anywhere else for that matter, because there is always a predator that is lurking around the corner.

    • sad but true, more and more we see violence towards the helpless children and elderly. And if there is retaliation. punishement  is swift. clearly the perperators are not punished enough.

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