McDonald’s at the Château Laurier -

McDonald’s at the Château Laurier


McDonald’s hosted MPs at a reception at the Fairmont Château Laurier. (Left to right) Liberal MP Rob Oliphant, John Betts,?president of McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited, Liberal MP Bonnie Crombie and Dave Henderson, chief financial officer.


Liberal MP Derek Lee.


Tory staffers Josh Valler and Amanda Murphy.


Greg MacEachern of Summa Strategies.

Liberal staffer Jeff Valois.

The food.


McDonald’s at the Château Laurier

  1. There is something that seems really quite wrong about a buffet of McDonald's food at the Chateau . . .

  2. I'd like more info on this reception…

    Why (or in what honour) was McDonald's hosting a reception featuring many politicians?

    From some of the pictures, it would appear McDonald's was heavily promoting its menu… Why would politicians get themselves involved in any of that? Is this some kind of endorsement of McDonald's menu items and/or policies (one picture seems to indicate something along the lines of employment policies)?

    Will Harvey's be doing a gala at the Lord Elgin? And St-Hubert at Chateau Frontenac?

  3. Notice that it's the healtier items on display; I doubt there were trays of Big Macs and fries. I suspect it's McDonald's lobbying politicians with "Look at our healthy food, please don't pass any new regulations aimed at decreasing access to our fattening stuff or barring us from advertising to children or forcing us to display calorie counts." Cynical, indeed.

    • That all said, I don't think I've ever seen a fruit and cheese platter like the one shown here at any McDonald's I've ever been to . . .

    • I agree, I doubt their regular fare were featured and, I agree that it may very well be a lobbying shenanigan…

      Which brings it back to my (above) question… Why would politicians get themselves involved in any of that? it seems rather improper.

      • Well, I don't think their going counts as any sort of endorsement. I think that politicians (and especially underpaid staffers) simply like the opportunity to go eat and drink for free in a nice environment and to hob nob with each other.

        I, for one, would certainly not turn down such an invitation. Alas, however, I'm a lawyer in Los Angeles, so I am not exactly being bombarded with invitations.

  4. McDonalds pays taxes, employs a lot of Canadians… so why shouldn't MPs go? Better they stay in their bubbles?