McGuinty wins Ontario election debate: online survey -

McGuinty wins Ontario election debate: online survey

Majority finds NDP’s Horwath most likeable party leader


Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty came out on top in Tuesday night’s provincial election debate, according to respondents of an Ipsos Reid online survey conducted for Global News. One third of respondents determined McGuinty won the debate, while 29 per cent thought NDP leader Andrea Horwath performed best. PC leader Tim Hudak had 25 per cent of respondents declare him the winner. The results of the survey also convey that NDP leader Andrea Horwath made the largest impression on respondents, with only 14 per cent believing she would win before the debate. On top of that, 35 per cent thought she offered the best policies during the contest, and a 52 per cent majority picked Horwath as the most likeable of the three major party leaders. McGuinty, Ontario’s Liberal leader and incumbent first minister, came across with the demeanour of a Premier, according to 49 per cent of the survey’s respondents.

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McGuinty wins Ontario election debate: online survey

  1. Hudak spent too much time repeating the catch phrases from his attack ads, with little of substance as to what he’d do different, aside from cut taxes. Given the province is already running a deficit, some detailed explanation as to what else he plans to cut so the hole doesn’t get deeper might help convince me he’s serious.

    I’m not in love with McGuinty, but I really don’t want to go back to the Harris days. I definitely don’t want to re-elect the Liberal incumbent in my riding, though; I’ve seen no evidence that Kular has done anything to earn his paycheque / my vote.

    So I’ll be flipping a coin between the NDPs and the Greens.

    I really wish there was a “None of the above” option on the ballot…

    • And what did Jack Layton reincarnated as Andrea Horvath do, except promise everything to everybody, without saying from where she would get the money? She “zinged” McGuinty a couple of times (and was allowed to get away with it because no gentleman would dare “zing” a lady back.).

    • There is a none of the above. You can reject the ballot. Unless you mean a way of voting to invalidate the election, which I think is an act of vanity.

      • Most people aren’t aware that they can formally refuse their ballot, so it has no real impact.

        I’d really like to see some form of proportional representation electoral process rather than first-past-the-post, but until then adding “None of the above” would send a clear message.

        I’d like to see it set so that, if an incumbent comes second to “none of the above” in the main election, then a by-election is automatically slated for two years into the term. This gives the incumbent time to prove his/her worth. If the incumbent still fails to beat the “None of the above” vote, even if he/she otherwise comes first, then the next-highest candidate gets the seat.

        I think we’d get a higher voter turnout this way. Yes, it might make for some chaotic elections at first until the candidates and parties get the message, but I think it would ultimately lead to a government that’s more responsive to the people.

  2. This poll obviously doesn’t read the Post.

    • Nobody else does, why should they?

  3. And if, by “flipping a coin between the NDPs and the Greens” you end up being represented by a Conservative?

    That’s what happened to all those formerly Liberal seats in the G.T.A. during the Federal election where they bled to the left and then as the Orange Crush grew, enough then bled to the Conservative that all these people who like Jack’s smile ended up being represented by a member of Harper’s majority rather than have a continuing LIberal member and keeping Harper to at the most a nother minority.

    • It’s a risk I’m going to have to take. I don’t like the PCs; I think my Liberal incumbent is useless. If the Liberals want my vote again, they’ll need to replace Kular. So for now it’s either flip a coin or not vote at all, and I think I send a clearer message by voting than by abstaining.

      Of course, I found out yesterday that there are three other, truly fringe candidates running in my riding, so I could always vote for one of them…

      • Well I agree that you and every voter should vote as they truly want.

        Counter-intuitively, after the last election I have become even more of a fan of our first-past-the-post electoral system.

        Everyone has just one vote.  It is only counted once.  So you had better make it count.  And even more importantly everyone one MUST accept the outcome – no matter how close the final result.

  4.  “People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard.”Mencken

  5. I was disabled by my former employer.My life , my dreams collapsed, but I want to voice my confidence in McGuinty himself .He is the only genuine , credible with real compassion for average Ontarian . He is the only Leader in coming elections that we can count on!If Ontarians want to see continuity of Ontario’s recovery and success, then there is only one choice in elections and that is one more term for proven Premier- McGuinty!Regards,Andrew