McKenzie brother calls PM ‘worst thing that ever happened to Canada’


Dave Thomas, best known as the dumber half of SCTV’s McKenzie brothers, had some choice words for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s impact on the Great White North.

The former SCTV funnyman was more than 90 minutes into a wide-ranging interview with podcaster Ken Plume when he decided to, um, take off, eh?

“Canada’s just such an absolute suck-up to America,” he said.

“This guy that’s in there right now, Harper, is probably the worst thing that’s ever happened to Canada. And where Canada had a definition and an identity at one time, with people like Pierre Elliott Trudeau, now it’s just like you’ve got this bird-eyed freak running the country — that’s just — he was in Bush’s pocket, he’s in the pockets of big business. He is the most insidiously conservative — eroding the liberties of Canadians at such an incredible rate that it would make Americans go to their cellars and get their muskets and start shooting. It’s unbelievable.”

No word yet on whether the Prime Minister thought this was a ‘beauty’ topic.

Find the clip here.




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McKenzie brother calls PM ‘worst thing that ever happened to Canada’

  1. The United States of Canada.

    • Don’t wanna be a Canadian idiot…

  2. Well, I guess that show wasn’t funny anymore.

    • it has nothing to do with being funny, this is serious shit n u my friend need to wake up and take a stand for all the right reasons.

      • To me DT is just another guy giving an opinion no more important than you or me

    • Wait, so people that used to be on comedy shows have to be funny every second of every day?

      If you think he was trying to be funny, i think you’ve got bigger issues than worrying about a slice of Canada’s television history

  3. What does him being not funny have anything to do with what he said. He is completely justified in what he is saying.

  4. WAY TO GO DAVE !!! At least one canadian has the nerve to say the right thing … canada is being sold out right under our feet and if anyone doesn’t believe that then they need to crawl out of the cave that they have been living in, turn off the tv and WAKE UP to what harperoo is really up to.

  5. must be another Radical, foreign funded environmental terrorist to say those types of hurtful things about King Stephen. He is helping our country make money for the resourses it has, so what if it’s not sustanible and will only last for 70 years or so and after that we won’t

  6. Does he even live in Canada anymore?

  7. Well, Dave Thomas is probably the most inept comedian to come out of Canada. Be a cold day in hell when I put any merit into anything he says. By the way whats he doing these days? Oh wait I know , probably an assistant manager at some 7-11 somewhere

    • That’s right, no one’s funny unless they agree with you politically. Or a good musician. Or actor. What sad, stunted little lives you people lead.

  8. I love you DAVE!!!!

  9. Dave who?

  10. Love ya as an actor, bro, but don’t quit your day job

  11. Dave is an idiot

    • There may be idiots around but Dave is not one of them. A smart and funny man.

  12. I give Thomas’ opinion all the respect…it deserves coming from a washed up has-been who’s only contribution to Canada is the term “hoser”.

  13. Comedy has not been kind to Li’l steve , Mercer , Chong and now Thomas; the beauty skit would be Li’l steve on skates .

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