That was the nickname given to John McCain at another time in his life. For some, the nickname was a reference to his explosive temper. For others, it reflected his pugnacious temperament when pushing his ideas forward. Whatever the reason, it clearly defines a person not afraid of standing up to adversity. It also speaks to a determination that may not always be pleasant for those in his way.

Recent polls indicate momentum in favour of Barack Obama, but John McCain has nonetheless made this a very competitive race. It would be imprudent to conclude it is already over. Remember, McCain has a way of coming back. A year ago, he was hurtling towards political oblivion; his campaign was in disarray and most observers concluded that it was a matter of time before he would quit the race. But the fiery, never-give-up war hero rebounded. This blog has said all along that McCain was a viable candidate and was potentially the most difficult opponent for any Democrat to face. Just three weeks ago, he was leading in the polls and there were grumblings about whether Obama could recover and close the deal.

The Palin choice, however, has shown the impulsive side of McCain. While it was promising at first, it has since shifted the ‘doubt’ factor away from Obama and toward McCain. The perceived incompetence of Palin has made voters focus on McCain’s age and health. I had always believed that no matter what happened, the appeal of McCain would remain intact. His courage, his perseverance, and his character would prevail even if the campaign got heated and he was facing defeat. I was wrong.

The McNasty side of McCain has led him to character assassination as a campaign tactic. Granted, Obama has not been reluctant to use negative advertising and raise questions about McCain’s character. But McCain has gone the extra mile, pushing negative to the level of despicable. Even the most die-hard McCain supporters—aside from the social conservative base of the Republican party—are ill at ease with the tone he used at the recent debate and on the campaign trail. Unfortunately, we can expect even more underhanded attacks against Obama before the race is over. We are a long way from the noble campaigner that McCain was in 2000 when he ran against George W. Bush. It is sad that McNasty has finally prevailed over McCain.



  1. Pointing out Obama’s ties to domestic terrorists (Ayers), racists (Wright) and criminals (Rezko) is entirely fair game. It speaks to Obama’s love of hanging out with people that few of us would be comfortable with.

    Maybe long-term McCain fans don’t like what he’s doing but the vast majority of repubs, who aren’t McCain fans but are taking a ‘lie back and think of england’ attitude towards him, don’t think he’s gone nearly far enough.

  2. The “maverick” RIP
    Once again McCain has succumbed to Bush’s nasty Republican way of doing politics. Except this time, he chose to do so. He hired the same people responsible for running smear campaigns against him in 2000 and has opened Pandora’s Box. But is it helping him in the polls? Well, character assassination may just not do the trick this time, as Carsville once said “it s the economy stupid!”
    Obama seems to be in the right track. Once again he surprises us, the African-American candidate has managed to make the case, quite successfully I would argue, that the erratic, unstable, risky candidate is McCain!
    After all, McCain has lost control of his own campaign. Just this afternoon, “lost” McCain had to defend Sen. Obama from an angry mob carrying torches ready to burn “that one” alive. People in his rallies have been calling Sen. Obama an Arab, a Muslim, a terrorist, basically un-American.
    While I was glad to see McCain doing the honorable thing of defending Obama, my feeling is that this move may be too little, too late for the maverick. In times when the country desperately needs change, and with a plummeting economy, McCain has made a number of mistakes that may not only cost him the election (I certainly hope so) but has jeopardized perhaps the only thing that could have help him win the votes of independents and Hispanics, that is his personality, his image as a decent politician, one of the few in Washington. While there are those who simply won’t vote for a black candidate, (people attending Palin’s rallies, that part of the American culture –>loves Budweiser/ guns) Independents however, don’t like nasty politics. Americans want to know what the heck the candidates are going to do to fix the economy.
    From the beginning McCain has been running a campaign based on others and not on his record, nor his character. McCain’s mistakes: picking Palin as vp( after seen Obama didn’t pick Clinton);letting the extreme right propaganda machine take over his campaign; making Obama un-American. This John McCain is not the one people know and like, this campaign simply does not fit him! Of course, as an Obama supporter I cant complain. I just hope that Americans vote for either candidate based on policies and not on race.

  3. Say what you will
    “Me for McNasty”
    Why, just as any other leader with a fire about them, Martin Luther king, your local minister, or even a parent standing up to protect their kid.

    Obama is expressionless and you can not read his heart or impression.

    If someone came up you front lawn to harm your kids, would you not get fired up to protect what you hold dear?
    McNasty McCain has been fighting for his country all his life, I may not agree 100% with either of them, BUT you can’t say McCain is completely mean. There is a difference when someone is trying to make a point don’t tread on my country like that.

    McCain has a plan, just like other great people “Have a Dream”
    The main point I am trying to make is at least you can see McCain’s heart and what he believes emotionally when he’s coming in your direction, Obama 90% of the time is emotionless.

    President with emotion bad? NO!
    Was Ronald Reagan mean and nasty showing the U.S.S.R. when he raise his voice and put a frown on, and said “TARE DOWN THIS WALL”, NO!, he expressed what he felt!

    Many collage kids have parent’s back home running the family business which gives them the base tuition money. These kids only stand on that they said is Obama will make school cheaper? Yet he will take the money from your family business first! Go ahead vote for Obama, let him give you an untold amount towards you schooling. BUT First he will take the money from those parents who are putting you there in the first place.

    Out come: Then family business may not even have the money to come up with the base amount of your school tuition,

    But I am sure you kids (not adult thinking) think Obama will be able to gather up enough money from families in you area to make up the difference, while you get to watch other families say to their kids, Sorry, our family business can not send them to school, maybe if we save up for a few more years and THEN we can have a dream to make our kids better off then us.

    Obama kills every other hard working family trying to make better for their kids. And NOW their own kids voting for obama are driving the steak in the family business heart which is trying to (save up) put them (now) and their younger bother and sister in collage
    the upcoming few years?

    I call them kids, be cause they don’t get it, How can we help others when Obama wont let us help ourselves, take away our dreams for bettering our kids educations. $250,000 taxed at 35% is much more then $5000 he will give you!

    IF OBAMA takes from one family to give to another, he takes away the hopes and dreams of parents for their own kids.

    Sorry obama there has to be a better way.
    I am for McNasty

  4. Where can I sign up for collage school? I miss cutting out magazines and playing with podge-it.

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